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Friday, December 08, 2006

What a Wonderful Gift!

Remember I mentioned at the beginning of this week that my fabulous knitting friends gave me a wonderful Christmas gift? Here it is...

They adopted a sheep for me!

When I opened the gift, I was totally overwhelmed and in shock, all positive of course. What a cool idea and what a great present for a knitter/spinner!

After a few days of digesting this and running around deliriously, I called the Schacht Fleece Farm with a few questions.

A wonderful chat with Mandy Corry (who owns the farm with her husband) in south-central Indiana helped me to decide what options I wanted, and here is what I picked from the program:

Adopt-a-Sheep for Spinners (Processed Fleece) - This option allows the individual to pick the sheep they want to adopt who has the fleece they would like to work with. They receive the entire fall fleece that has been skirted and then sent to Stonehedge Fiber Mill to be washed and carded into roving. The roving will be sent from Stonehedge to the individual after processing. The individual will receive an adoption certificate and an illustrated book written by Schacht Fleece Farm capturing life on our sheep farm. Quarterly, Mandy will write a letter to the individual describing the recent happenings of the adopted sheep. A picture of the adopted sheep will be sent with each letter along with a bar of our handmade sheepmilk soap.

And here is the beautiful Islandic Sheep - my newly adopted daughter. Meet Claudia!


Isn't she just too cute? I can't wait for her fleece!

Perfect name match - and here is her description from the the farm's webpage:

This ewe is loaded with fleece. Her lamb fleece was amazing in handle, color and weight (3.1 pounds- skirted). It is a gorgeous blend of dark honey and dark chocolate and every color in between. She had so much fleece as a lamb that she looked like a mop swaying back and forth before shearing. This ewe has attitude. She is quick to stomp her foot if you get closer than she wants you to.

And because my knitting friends are X-tremely generous, I still had some credit remaining, so in addition to adopting Claudia, I picked out a second fleece, Michaiah's:


I love black - so, Michaiah's fleece will be wonderful to spin! And here is her description:

This girl is big and beautiful. She is loaded with thel-rich fleece that is black with occasional grey fibers. Her lamb fleece weighed 2 pounds and 13 ounces - fully skirted. Her fleece could be processed in several different ways. Michaiah walks around like she has a crown on her head....very regal looking.

Michaiah's fleece is being sent to the mill as we speak and sometime after the beginning of next year - all processed and ready to spin. YAY!

I am so inspired to spin - with all the roving in my head. I have to put the finishing touches on one Christmas gift and one Hanukkah gift and then I am DONE-DONE-DONE!!!

Oh - and by the way, Mom already got our package with all the knitted gifts. Hubby mailed it last Monday and it arrived last Friday. Such a relief! AND - hubby and I got Mom's package yesterday. Great timing!

Have a good weekend! I am going to my wonderful Saturday SNB meeting in Gainesville. And to a "block party" on Sunday!


Blogger Janice in GA said...

They're Icelandic sheep? Interesting! They're pretty uncommon. Congratulations!

4:52 PM GMT-5  
Blogger La said...

That is WAY cool! She's beautiful.

7:24 PM GMT-5  
Blogger jenifleur said...

How cool is it that you can get the 2nd fleece now? I love that. And you seriously deserved that present and more for all you do for our group!

11:52 AM GMT-5  

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