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Hi there - My name is Claudia. I live with my hubby and our two furry kids in Georgia, USA. Originally I am from Germany - southern belle from Bavaria replanted to the Southern US. I am very addicted to knitting - 4-5 projects going at the same time... What can I say...

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Monday, November 27, 2006

What Not to Do...

I finished the tree last night - got compliments from hubby. He better like it - he-he-he - since I spent most of my Sunday decorating it.

What not to do:

  • Drink a lot of caffinated beverages to stay awake and finish chores around the house, but then you can't slow down
  • Knit after midnight on US #2 dpns and find out that you added a stitch somewhere and you have to rip 5 rows of your dainty cashmere mitten before you finally decide to give up
  • Leave the house at 6am the next morning without the fourth dpn to knit on the mitten
Luckily I brought another project with me to knit on the bus. At least my brain was working slightly.

Traffic was a zoo today - I am so thankful to sit on the express bus and watch everybody else crawl along. Sorry...

BUT - today was the first day that both my new/old boss and I were at the office. He's been travelling the last couple weeks. It's really funny because some things never change. He said something really nice when he left this afternoon. He said good bye and then he smiled and said that it's nice to say good bye to me knowing that I will be back in the morning. Nice, huh?

So, and here is some eye candy from our Christmas tree for you:

A Mercedes

This is one of hubby's crystal ornaments, a mid-1950's Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, made by Mikasa.

No caffinated beverages tonight - I am actually sipping a glass of red wine. ;-)


Blogger Hockey Mom said...

Everything is looking so good. The house, the knitting, and the puppies!

See you Wednesday?

10:59 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Jane said...

Now Claudia, you should know better than to knit lace after midnight! hee hee I'm really enjoying seeing all your Christmas decorations, even thoughI'm a real Scrooge and won't let Jim start decorating until at least the second Sunday in December.

11:55 AM GMT-5  

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