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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Watkinsville Fiber Crawl

It is Saturday, 11:00am. 12 knitters, 3 cars - hit the road, baby. Off we went to Watkinsville, near Athens. Never mind that THE football game was going to happen in Athens in the afternoon. Nothing keeps a knitter away from a yarn store...

As always, it was wonderful at Main Street Yarns. After some serious shopping (everything was 20% off and I, of course, hearing the S-word, had to get a few things), we all sat down for some serious knitting. Look at the wonderful knitting group first and then I'll flash the new stash. ;-)

Knitting at Main Street Yarns, Watkinsville

Knitting at Main Street Yarns, Watkinsville

I just love to hang out with those gals!

Shari bought some Blue Skies chunky yarn and whipped out this really cool hat on size US #15 needles - within an hour... So fun!

Shari's New Hat

I knitted on the Tweed Beret from the lastest Interweave Knits issue:

Tweed Beret

I still have 5 balls left from the Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed I used for the Entrelac Poncho and I thought that would be a cute hat for me.

Yesterday, I also started the Wine and Roses Mitts from the same magazine:

Wine & Roses Mitts

I splurged at Knitch when I went knitting (and shopping) with Pixie. They had the exact yarn the pattern calls for - Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere, so I could not help buying it. It is so soft... Don't ask about the price - I do feel guilty. But I will so wear these mitts.

I also knitted some on the Goldilocks socks. Since Pixie's foot was available for a fitting, we tried the sock on and, adding 10 stitches after turning the heel, they fit like they were made for her tiny feet. ;-)

Goldilocks Socks

OK - and here is today's loot:

Loot from Main Street Yarns, Watkinsville

I bought some Harmony, highly recommended from Ruth, the store owner, for felting. She showed me a felted bag she made from that yarn and it was gorgeous. I also got some frou-frou yarn to add some flair to felting projects. Also some merino roving and some merino/tussah roving:

Loot from Main Street Yarns, Watkinsville

Pixie said: "Look there are 4 bags, two for you and two for me." Thanks for sharing, my friend! I also bought a needle-felting starter kit, some Addi Turbo Naturals and Addi Turbos for knitting socks on a magic loop. And a bunch of knitting notions - somehow I misplaced my Knit Chek. Uh-h-h-h, and then I also bought 1,300 yards of bright red Merino Oro for a lace shawl.

And lastly - meet Shaun:

Loot from Main Street Yarns, Watkinsville

He came home with me and will add some baa-baa-baa to our Christmas tree. Which hubby and I will put up tomorrow. YAY!

I AM SO IN THE MOOD FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!! I wonder if that has anything to do with having finished my Xmas knitting for the Germans. Sure makes for less pressure and stress...


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