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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Handspindle Treasury

When I came home tonight - after returning crappy faulty merchandise to Fry's and shopping for advent wreaths for the office - I found a package from YAY - more books! Well, not all of them are for me. But this one is:

handspindle treasury book

I am looking forward to some reading during my Christmas break.

I am off to watch a movie with hubby - we got The Twelve Chairs, a Mel Brooks movie from 1970. Here is some cute trivia from the movie:

Mel Brooks had problems with Yugoslavian extras who did not speak English. Some extras playing museum guards were to walk through the museum ringing a bell and shouting, "Closing time! Closing time!" The extras misunderstood and walked through the scene shouting "Cloakie Bye! Cloakie Bye!" Brooks decided "Cloakie Bye" was funnier, so he left it in the movie.

Off you go - have a good night - Cloakie Bye...


Blogger Jane said...

I watched that movie years ago (probably when it first came out) and remember it to be very funny. Of course, Mel Brooks always is. (and it still stuns me that he was married to Anne Bancroft.)

8:58 PM GMT-5  

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