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Sunday, December 03, 2006


Yesterday the Stitch'N Bitch Group, Northeast Georgia had its Holiday Party. It was a wonderful get-together. We had 18 knitters and two husbands.

Here are some highlights:

Everybody brought food, of course. You need energy to knit, right?

SNB NEGA Holiday Party

SNB NEGA Holiday Party

Actually, these pictures don't show the complete feast - I snapped them too early. The ham and turkey and a few others things weren't out yet.

I bought some German stuff - how can I not? ;-) German Potato salad (my mom's recipe), Bavarian Cream - the Georgia version, decorated with peaches and pecans, and Gluehwein.

After conquering the buffet, everybody settled down with some knitting and waited for the White Elephant Gift Exchange. It is a popular party game in which each guest brings a gift to the party - in our case a knitting related gift worth around $20 - and ultimately each guest leaves with a gift. Along the way is a random drawing to determine the order in which players get to choose and unwrap gifts or "steal" previously opened gifts. Our rule was that a gift could be stolen at most twice and then it stayed with the owner. And boy, was there some stealing going on and cheering to do so. Those crazy knitters...

Here are a few of the 18 gifts:

SNB NEGA Holiday Party

SNB NEGA Holiday Party

SNB NEGA Holiday Party

SNB NEGA Holiday Party

As you can see, there were some really cool gifts. Everybody was extremely thoughtful and generous.

Then we celebrated Pixie Purls birthday - it's actually tomorrow, but what a great opportunity to surprise her with a cake...

Happy Birthday Pixie!

I am hoping other pix from the cake will show up on other blogs. She had already blown out the candles and eaten the "P" and the "H" before I took a picture. He-he-he...

And she also got a gift - I couldn't resist felting her some Pixie Feet. I found the pattern in the October edition of Simply Knitting, a British knitting magazine. They just screamed at me to make a pair for her birthday.

Pixie Feet

Too cute on the Pixie feet. ;-)

Some of us tried needle felting and we madly punched very sharp thin needles into styrofoam balls to make some ornaments.

I came home with an ornament for hubby - a red-haired banshee. :-) I did not have the patience to cover the ball with roving. Hubby thought she is very cute. He remarked that she has the same haircut as he does.

After the SNB NEGA Holiday Party

To look at all the Holiday Party pictures, click here.

One really mindblowing thing happened at the party. More about this in a later post. I am still awestruck about it. I received a wonderful, absolutely fabulous gift - besides the one from the White Elephant exchange. I want to dedicate a separate post to it. Stay tuned!


Blogger Janice in GA said...

It looks like y'all had a fabulous time -- sorry I couldn't make it!

I have to ask: what's the wooden thingy in the 5th picture??

6:41 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Jane said...

I had such a fun time! Your pictures are fabulous, as always. And I really, really loved the food you brought!

7:48 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Polly said...

I bet the 2 husbands were thrilled to be there.

11:27 PM GMT-5  

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