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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Roving at Hobby Lobby

Who would have thought...

A friend and I went to Hobby Lobby today to check out if the rumor we heard was true. And yes it was: Hobby Lobby sells roving for needle felting. Sweet! So, we bought styrofoam balls and roving to make needle-felted ornaments:

Hobby Lobby Roving

And YAY - this is the last day of November. National Blog Posting Month is over and I somehow managed to post a new blog entry every day!. YAY again! ;-)


Blogger Jo said...

Ah, but did you do what I did? Print TWO hobby lobby coupons 40% off and send your hubby through the line for you so that they only cost 5$? I am sooo 'appy! I can't get enough wool!

9:32 AM GMT-5  
Blogger flwrhead said...

I missed several days of NABLOPOMO and I too am glad it's over! Hobby Lobby is getting it when it comes to knitting - our local store has a TON of needles, I was very impressed. Can't wait to see your ornaments!

4:38 PM GMT-5  
Blogger jenifleur said...

I'm gonna throw a thank dog NoMoPoBlow is over party. Like I told Sandy, y'all were killing me. My bloglines was showing 6 trillion unread posts every day.

And what the? on the roving. I was JUST at HL and didn't see that. Maybe I'll be stopping there on my way to the NEGA knitmas pary. I only wish the rovings I just ordered on Etsy were here so I could show you guys, only you and Brandy show the proper enthusiasm for super cool roving. Oh well, next weekend hopefully.

6:51 PM GMT-5  

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