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Monday, July 17, 2006

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

Can anyone tell me why the weekends zoom by and then Monday comes around and it feels like slow-motion???

I had a lot of fun this weekend. Mainly I have been hanging out with Pixie. I sometimes wonder how two people who get tossed together by accident (through a SNB knitting group) hit it off, are very alike (scary, scary) and need to talk to each other - almost daily on AIM. Gosh, I am a lucky gal - see, knitting is a good thing. Besides all the great stuff you make over the course of your life, you also meet awesome people.

I am kind of tired today because I already typed up a storm this morning. I am getting rid of my cross stitch collection. I haven't worked on a single one of the needlepoint UFOs in ages and I have a ton of kits - new, unopened, factory-sealed. So, off they go to eBay land once I get all the descriptions together and dahling hubby takes pictures for me.

Besides wading through bins of needlepoint stuff, and bringing a ton of stuff to the SNB-NEGA meeting on Saturday (my car looked like a crafts store on wheels - unbelievable, you might think I have a crafts problem...), I also found time to get some knitting done. Here is what I finished and started over the last couple of days.

Another dishcloth from the Mason-Dixon book:

Mason Dixon dishcloth

Meet Rose Marie Hedgehog. She is sooooooooooo adorable. I have been dragging her to several knitting groups and to work, poor thing. I am such a show-off... One of the knitting group people came up with her name since her bow is reminiscent of the character from the The Dick Van Dyke Show. And interestingly, hubby and I own the DVD set.

Rose Marie Hedgehog

I finished the Crusoe socks from I know - Noah is kind of stealing the attention from the socks. He is allowed. ;-)

socks and Noah

Here's a better picture - without furry distraction...


And I finished the Jungle tank top. It is based on a tank top pattern from one of the VERENA issues. I used a very light yarn - feels kinda papery and I bought in Germany, sorry.

jungle tank top

Ahhhh.... I got my stitch markers from Mousie Masala:

Mouse's stitch markers

Aren't they so very cool? Stop staring at them - you can't have them. Get you own! ;-)

I got two sets: "Llama, Llama, Duck" and "Counting Sheep". And here you can see one llama hard at work on the Harry Potter scarf.

Mouse's stitch marker

And then I spent some money over the weekend - oh well, that's what money is for, right? As my Mom likes to say, you can't take it to the grave with you. Wise Mom!!! So, I went shopping - the real thing. You know, not online, but going to an actual store... But I was good, I did not buy much yarn. I focused on patterns and gadgets this time. First - Pixie, Stephanie, Marilyn and I went to the summer sale at Why Knot Knit.

I bought a bunch of Berroco Suede and a couple of balls of fuzzy yarn for a felted purse. And I found Fido, another Fibertrends pattern. I already know I have to make four of these little guys for Christmas gifts...

purchase at WKK

After this stop, we went to a ***NEW*** yarn store. Gotta tell you, I love this store. If I were to own a yarn store, it would be exactly like Knitch. Man, we had a very good time there. The store owner pampers you with coffee and water. You can plunk down at a big wooden table or retreat to a super-comfy sofa and knit. Truly awesome! Go check it out for yourself. I sure will go back! Pixie took a bunch more pictures. You can find them here.

This is what I bought at Knitch - more patterns, a needle felting kit (finally), some adorable cow buttons, gift tags, and cute place markers. AND - coffee for hubby. Kim, the store owner, sells the coffee beans that she uses for her coffee at the store. Yummy!!! So, finally I found something at a yarn store that I could give to hubby! HAH!

purchase at Knitch

After all the shopping and getting a little lost in Virginia Highland, we went to a SNB-Atlanta knitting group which meets every other Sunday at Apres Diem. Very nice!

And then I started a new pair of socks. I am allowed - I finshed the Crusoe socks. Mom sent me some gorgeous sock yarn and I finally started a pair of Jaywalker socks. Yeah - I know, I am way behind the hype this pattern created. So, what?

Jaywalker sock

Y'all have a great week! Don't work too hard - it's freakin' hot outside...


Anonymous BryAnn said...

I went to the sale at Why Knot Knit too, but ended up doing my shopping inside.

Glad to hear a good review of Knitch. I work in DeKalb, live in Cobb, using I-20, so Knitch is actually on my way home. I hope to make it there this week, while I wait out rush hour.

4:09 PM GMT-5  
Blogger DianeS said...

Wow, all those goodies and all that stuff knit up!

9:57 AM GMT-5  

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