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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Summer of Tank Tops

I can't believe I finished another one... So, this is number 4 for this summer. I am kind of flabbergasted - in the past I have done more felting, accessories and mostly knitted for other people... So now here I am with things to wear - woo-hoo!

Since I got grief from a very dear knitting friend yesterday that my last post had NO pictures - and was a meme ;-) - I'll try to do better today and post pictures about knitting and the dogs that leave me no options and provide the additional fibers. So, here you are - tank top #4:

Red SNB Tank Top

The pattern is from the SNB Nation book, called Accidentally On Purpose Drop Stitch. I used a soft, chunky 100% cotton yarn from Numei. The color is called High Energy Red and it sure is red. And - it is colorfast, yay! I tossed it in the washer and dryer last night with something white and it did not bleed. HA!

Here is a picture of my Entrelac Stole in progress:

Entrelac Stole

I am using Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed and it is lovely to knit with. My first entrelac project ever and I am enjoying every little square. My goal is to have the stole finished for SAFF, so I can wrap myself in something warm in October in Ashville, NC.

I finished the back of my white short-sleeve sweater with the never ending cables-over-158-stitches pattern and started the front, so I wouldn't lose the groove again. I have a few more rows to go before I split for the huge v-neck.

White short-sleeve sweater

I also started a scarf/stole/wrap thingy for the 4th of July with Knitpicks yarn called Sparkles. The color is called Firecrackers. It knits up pretty quickly - maybe I can finish it before July 4th. I am almost done with the first of four balls. It's done in a very simple pattern. You start out with two stitches and add one stitch on each row.

Fireworks 4th of July Shawl

Now... here are the pooches. Hermione, our Border Collie, hates to be photographed. I sure feel like I am a Papparazzi chasing a celebrity. Just look at her face - like she is Greta Garbo saying: "I vant to be alone..." But Hermione actually does not want to be alone. She wants you to play and play and play with her, and if you don't follow her wishes, she also puts on the Great Garbo look.

Hermione - very bored

Not so our other dog. Noah - the sweet Heinz 57, or as hubby recently said Heinz 8 - loves to be in the pictures. He seems to think something fun is going to happen (see his tail wagging?) and yes, the flash of the camera goes off - how fun...

Noah, wagging his tail

Anyway - I did my posting duties for this week. I just realized I posted quite a bit. I am a lucky gal - I was told this morning that our office closes today at 1:30pm and won't reopen until July 5. How nice - a superlong weekend.

So, y'all have a wonderful 4th of July. Have a good time whatever you do! ;-) See you soon! Maybe sometime this weekend at a yarn store???


Blogger Hockey Mom said...

Wow! Everything is looking great! I love the tank tops. Your pups look so sweet, makes me wanna go home and snuggle mine.

11:35 AM GMT-5  

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