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Monday, June 26, 2006

Knitting Friends Are the Best!

I spent a great Saturday with Pixie last weekend. Totally relaxed, we hung out at the pool (which is actually big enough to swim laps - YAY) in her subdivision in the morning - naturally with knitting projects. Pixie was in the finishing stages of her cute ChicKami tank top - check out the pix on her blog. It looks great! And I got a bunch of squares done on my Lady Elizabeth Entrelac Stole. We had a lot of fun, bitched and stitched, of course. What more can you want? And - we did not get sunburned! HA! After the pool, we went for lunch and both totally craved Sushi, but those lazy people did not open their restaurant until 4pm. Way too late for us - since we would be knitting at that point with the SNB-NEGA knitters. So - a Mexican place got our $$$ instead. And after lunch we went knitting - and Pixie did a bunch of spinning, too - until 5:30pm. On the way home I picked up Sushi for hubby and me for dinner. So - HA - I got my Sushi fix after all.

Now - Pixie and I have a lot in common - besides knitting. One of the things - we have a habit of dropping our cell phones... So, I decided to make a little felted cell phone case for her. Of course, in some of her favorite colors - turquoise & brown - and also to match her knitting bag. It is a Bernat pattern (it is for members only - but the membership is free). It has a little handle with a star button, so she can attach it easily to any other bag or her belt etc. And here it is.

Noah with unfelted cell phone case

Since Noah decided to hang out with me while I was finishing up the cell phone case, I used his butt for modeling the unfelted case. ;-)

OK, OK - here is a better picture of the unfelted case - without a doggie butt...

Unfelted Pixie Cell Phone Case

And now the cell phone case after felting. I used one of my favorite CowParade cows as a stand-up aide. It is the "BLACK TIE DOG" Cow by George Rodrigue. It was introduced in 2000 at the Chicago CowParade and is now retired. You will not believe how much you have to pay nowadays for this highly collectible item (over $1,500)... Yeah - I can hear you - but this is just a little ceramic cow... Well - when there are collectors who really want something bad, you have a crazy market, even if it is just for a cow! ;-)

Felted Pixie Cell Phone Case

On Sunday I didn't do much since we actually had "bad" weather. Finally we got all the desperately needed rain our poor plants were waiting for - HURRAH! So, hubby and I hung out with the dogs and watched a couple of movies. And I got a bunch of knitting done.

I got back into the groove with the white cable sweater - here is a reminder:

White Sweater

I am almost finished with the back which is the biggest piece. The front has a huge V-neck. Anyway - I had not touched this project in a long while since I got pretty annoyed because it has so many stitches and so many cables. I guess, I just needed to get back to it with a fresh mind.

I also finished the Accidentally On Purpose Drop Stitch Vest from Stitch'N Bitch Nation. Now I have to sew it together and block it. I'll take some pictures once I have more FOs. ;-)

Have a great week!


Blogger Pixiepurls said...

Awe it looks so cute, THANKS! :)

We had sushi on sunday evening so we both got our fix! I can't believe they don't open until 4pm!! ESH!!

11:05 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Debby said...

Thank you for the compliments on my blog! I love reading about your adventures with Pixie and your knitting projects. (The way you feel about your sweater here is the way I'm feeling about my lace. Want to be over with it already!).

Love the cell phone case too! What a great idea!!!

5:26 PM GMT-5  

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