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Friday, July 14, 2006

Dang-it - More FOs...

First of all - some humor. Since it is finally the end of a long eventful week... I need the Friday evening to come around and get my knitting fix at the SNB meeting. And some more tomorrow - more Stitch'N Bitch, but at a different location with different knitters - YAY.

SO - I found this on Hockey Mom's blog:


"What will your obituary say?" at

It is funny because I so loved the Muppets as a kid and I still think they are hilarious. I am glad they'll miss me "terribly". And the reference to Citizen Kane - an excellent movie - is just a great coincidence.

Anyway - that is not really what I wanted to show you today. I got a bunch of knitting finished last weekend and this week. So, here we go.

Meet the Bob Marley Bowl (yes, hubby was creative again ;-)) - before and after felting.

Bob Marley bowl - unfelted

Felted Bob Marley Bowl

Nice display for some of my sock yarn. ;-) This is about half of my sock yarn stash... Yikes - I wonder how long it'll take me to turn all this yarn into socks.

I finished two dishcloths for one of my friend's birthday package. I am working on a third one. My inner designer-self is trying to come up with a pattern for a dishcloth with whale flukes and waves.

Mason Dixon dishcloth

This pattern is from the Mason-Dixon book. It is very easy, but looks interesting. I know people think I am crazy knitter, but it only took me a couple of hours to knit this one. The pattern knits up fast, promise.

Dog paw dishcloth

The pattern for the dog paw can be found here.

What do you get when you put a jigsaw puzzle collector together with a knitter?

Knitter's stash jigsaw puzzle

Yes - a jigsaw puzzle called "Knitter's Stash". I find it funny that they took off all the yarn labels. What knitter would do that on purpose???

And then last, but not least, my favorite pooches and the man I am looking forward to spending the weekend with. OK, just his arms... But at least you now have seen a partial picture of hubby.

The poochies

Have a good one, don't work too hard and stay cool! You can find me on another yarn crawl on Sunday in the big city - more details next week.


Blogger Jane said...

Have fun on the yarn crawl. I'm sorry I couldn't see all your pictures today - don't know if it's me or your Blogger. I'll try again later.

9:08 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that felted bowl for your sock yarn. Very cool!

9:28 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Leslie said...

I love the felted bowl and your blog is great!

8:33 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Jane said...

Ah, that's better - now I can see all the pictures and your wonderful knitting. If I bring needle and yarn on Wednesday, would you show me that mobius cast on? My cousin and I were perplexed by it.

5:30 PM GMT-5  

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