Knitting Without Dog Hair Is Not an Option

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Knitting with Silk

I can only say one word - AWESOME... I couldn't help myself and made a swatch with the Debbie Bliss silk I bought last Saturday. I really tried very hard to resist, but I couldn't hold out for very long - it is just too YUMMY. Everybody who saw the swatch and touched it, went "Ahhhhhhhhh"... BUT - I am not going to start a tank top yet. I want to finish the white sweater first. I am knitting as fast as I can... Hahaha... So I can get my hands on the YUMMY project... And all you'll hear from me is "Ahhhhhhhhh"...

Ok - enough - here is a picture that sums up very well the title of my knitting blog.

Knitting Without Dog Hair Is Not An Option

If you look closely, you can see me swatching the silk. I found the pattern in one of Barbara Walker's pattern books. Here is the swatch:

Swatch the Debbie Bliss silk!

And here is another picture of our dogs. Can you figure out why Hermione is so attentive? Yes, right, she is waiting for me to throw her favorite toy - the green racketball. She absolutely loves it. So, she is not really admiring Mommy's knitting... I just love her facial expressions. She has these cool markings on her face. When you talk to her, she always looks at you like she understands every word you say. Like a little person in dog fur. ;-)

Knitting Without Dog Hair Is Not An Option

And you can see that the 4th of July shawl kinda drapes itself onto Noah. That's what I was trying to finish up - after I swatched the silk.

I also got to work on the white sweater - yes, I really want to finish it. Told you!

White Sweater Front in progress

I made progress and got to the point where I split the front for the V-neck. I knitted some more in the meantime and I am almost to the point where I decrease for the armhole. Not much more to go on the left side - YAY! Then I'll tackle the right side, two short sleeves and the big V-neck. More progress pix soon - hopefully. ;-)

I also worked a little bit outside last weekend - yep, it was pretty hot, but oh well - to trim our flower beds, get some weeds out and rescue the rose bushes from June bugs. Actually I cut one rose bush down dramatically. It was very infested. I don't do much for the roses - they either grow or not. My motto - survival of the fittest! ;-) Anyway - I saved some of the roses, put them in a vase and played with the camera a little bit.

Rose from out front yard

Rose from out front yard

Oh - And I was at my first AKG (Atlanta Knitting Guild) meeting yesterday evening and had a really good time. I was amazed how many knitters where there and how many I knew besides the people I knit with at the SNB group meetings. Very cool - I will go back.

With this, I'll let you slip into your weekend. Have a good one!


Blogger Mouse said...

Pretty roses! I don't blame you for swatching out that silk.. I could barely keep my hands off of the pure silk at my LYS last time I went. Thankfully the price was enough of a deterrant for me!

11:42 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Judy said...

Hee hee! I sit on my bed and knit, too...only I am surrounded by cats instead of dogs. Although we think one cat was a dog in a previous life; we have those little plastic balls with a jingly bell inside, and if you throw one, our black cat will go get it and bring it back to you, then drop it and wait for you to throw it again. Weird, huh??

12:56 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anita said...

I've got some handpainted silk that I purchased at last year's SAFF. I'm itching to get my hands on it, but it hasn't told me what it wants to be yet. I wish it would hurry up!

12:15 PM GMT-5  

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