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Friday, June 23, 2006

Meet Cousin Itt's Family

You know, this is typical... You give somebody a home and a few days later, his whole family knocks on the door and wants to live with you as well. I guess I run a pretty decent homeless shelter. ;-)

OK - let's get down to knitting business. I relieved Jane from some of her stash a while back and here are three more little felted purses I made from Lamb's Pride Bulky with some novelty yarn added here and there.

This is the Pink Panther purse - before and after felting:

Pink Panther before felting

Pink Panther after felting

Meet the Kermit Clutch - before and after felting:

Kermit Clutch before felting

Kermit Clutch after felting

I always liked Kermit - I think that green really would match his little green body perfectly. I felt so bad for him when I watched the Muppets Show (one of my all-time favorites when I was growing up) and he had to run from Miss Piggy most of the time. ;-)

And for the life of me - I can't come up with a clever name for this little guy - so, if you have an idea, tell me. Meet the Green Bag - before and after felting:

Green Purse before felting

Green Purse after felting

Hmmm... I really would like a name for this guy. Poor little fella...

So this is Cousin Itt's family. Can you believe that I forgot how much fun felting is? I guess it is true that Diet Coke is really bad for you. I am having severe memory loss... Anyway...

I have to share another picture. It is not exactly knitting related, but if you look closely, you can see something knitted in the picture. My SIL just emailed me the latest picture of my niece Julia. Finally the Germans have a little summer there, after all Summer Solstice was a couple of days ago. So, here is my adorable niece with one of the outfits I gave her. And her great grandmother threw in the sunglasses from the 50's.

Julia's First Summer Outfit

Woohoo - stylish little princess!

Have a great weekend - hopefully we'll get some rain here in North Georgia. So far our grass in the front yard looks OK, but that can change soon with this dreadful heat and drought.

Stay cool and knit somewhere with air conditioning! ;-)


Blogger Jane said...

Fab purses! And your niece is really stylin' there.

10:35 PM GMT-5  

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