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Monday, June 19, 2006

Any Given Sunday...

... that is like last Sunday, is a perfect Sunday for me. And here is why.

I wake up in the morning (and it is actually light out and the alarm did not go off...), turn around, open my eyes and look at this cute creature:

Hermione in the morning

This is Hermione, our Bored-er Collie. If you move, you lose, because that means for Hermione that she can get ready for a day of constant play and attention. So, of course she tries to get our attention the minute we open our eyes. But no luck with Mommy, because Mommy like to sleep in a little longer on the weekend. Until 8am, PLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE.... I have to get up super-early every weekday to go to work and get ahead of traffic into the Big City.

And then I need a cup of coffee or two or three - although I don't think I can ever drink enough coffee to get to Hermione's energy level. Anyway... the night before, we usually remember to put her toys in a basket and up on a table so she won't reach them before hubby and I get up. She knows that her toys are not allowed in the bedroom, but every once in a while she sneaks her favorite green ball in. Sneaky little pooch... Our other dog, Noah - you can see a black blur next to Hermione on the picture - is very content with just hanging out until everybody else gets up.

So, after getting up and the weekly phone call with my Mom in Germany (she always calls at 10am – German clockwork...), I spent some time knitting (and sunning) in the backyard and watching the dogs play. Noah gets pretty hot under his thick black coat – so after some playing, he hangs out underneath our deck:

Noah in the shade

And while I was in the backyard, listening to a suspense thriller on CD, I tried 5 times to cast on a new tank top – the Roundabout Leaf Tank from Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature. I couldn’t get the edges right and so I decided this is no good for now and I have to put it on the back-burner. SO – I so like this book, I figured, well, I’ll try another pattern and failed again. Oh well... It was time to go back inside anyway – I didn’t want to risk a sunburn – and on the way in I saw a cute June bug. Hmmm... how about introducing this bug to knitting?


After getting movies from Blockbuster (since Netflix does not have Fantasia in their inventory) and a stop at the nail salon, more knitting and watching a movie with Hubby followed. Life can be so nice and easy sometimes... Don’t worry – I don’t have many Sundays like this – so, I enjoy them when they happen.

I also finished a bunch of knitting projects – YUP – the UFO pile is shrinking...

Here is the Odessa cap, a pattern from Grumperina, which can be found at Magknits. I used Manos Cotton Stria, a pure Peruvian cotton kettle dyed yarn:

Odessa Cap

Odessa Cap

And as you can already see on the pictures above (hubby and I did a little photo session Saturday morning), I finished the pink tank top. It was a very close call – I was not sure if I had enough yarn (and I bought all 7 balls of Berrocco Softwist the LYS had)... I am sure you know that feeling. Scary, scary... But I did have enough - I have 9 yards left. (I just had to measure this small ball of leftover yarn.)

Pink Shell Back

Pink Shell Front

And then – please meet Cousin Itt. (Hubby sometimes names my felted purses.) This is Cousin Itt before his encounter with scalding hot water:

Cousin Itt before felting

I have to add some handles and a button and then I'll post a picture of the little guy felted. Very cute, let me tell you. At the moment he is drying. ;-)

And of course you know me, I always start something new. Here is the beginning of the (Harry Potter) Gryffindor scarf for my 8-year-old nephew. Of course, I had Hermione pose with the scarf.

Hermione with Harry Potter scarf

Hermione truly hates it when I take pictures...

Hermione and Noah with Harry Potter scarf

Noah on the other hand, doesn’t mind. I don’t think there are many things that Noah minds. ;-)

OK – so this is what I did yesterday...

Have a great week! Hope to see you somewhere knitting in public. ;-)


Blogger Janice in GA said...

Ah, so you're familiar with what we call here the Puppy Alarm. :) However, Jasper will tell you when he thinks it's time for you to get up.

Beautiful knitting, as always.

8:10 AM GMT-5  

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