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Monday, June 05, 2006

Bathing Events This Weekend...

Ahhhh... That is what I call relaxing – the first cup of coffee Saturday morning in the sun in the backyard. With a good book on CD and a new knitting project.

And the dogs frolicking around and playing with tennis balls. Life is good!

So, “Mommy” got some sun-bathing done – I am as pale a piece of cheese, as my Dad told me while I was visiting. I really need to spend more time outside. But only if it is not too hot and too humid... I still have a hard time dealing with the humidity and this is already my sixth summer in Georgia.

And the furry creatures got a bath, too, a real one with water and all – hehehe – a doggie’s worst nightmare. But they really needed one bad. Yeap, Mommy is back from vacation and the fun is over... I let them play some more while I was sunbathing some more on Sunday – well, they actually hung out in the shade most of the time. I guess I can understand that. If I would have to walk around with a thick black fur all year, I’d probably move to Alaska. Or to Germany for that matter – they seem to have copied the weather from Alaska these days. Yes, it snowed last week – thankfully after I left. Snow in June – pretty ridiculous.

So, this is Hermione after the bath.

No way of getting such a picture of Noah – too much of a guy to get caught in a cute picture being wrapped in a towel.

These are the tired and tortured but fluffy doggies once I was done with bathing and grooming them. Poor Noah - doesn't he look like he is thinking about the clean awful smell (aka soap smell...). Mom done it again...

Fluffy Dogs
And here is what I got done on the knitting front this weekend.

I am done with the first of the Crusoe socks and started the second one. I always try and start the second one right away, not to get the "second-sock-syndrome"... meaning never knitting the second one...

Crusoe Sock
Ta-da - the finished baby blanket. All blocked and dry.

Baby blanket
A close-up of the lace pattern.

Lace Pattern
It was such a great feeling to finally bind off 576 stitches. I love the way the pattern turned out but I think I have had enough for now from knitting in the round for 142 rows and adding 8 stitches every other row. If you hear me talking about a second baby blanket like this, just hit me over the head, OK?

I also worked on the jungle tank top – started it in the backyard Saturday morning and actually finished the front piece Sunday night.

Back tank top
Sorry for the blurry picture... The yarn is very light. It feels like paper. Very interesting and unusual. And it knitted up really fast with the big cable in the center.

I am working hard to get some tank tops done for this summer. Hopefully without any other knitting disasters. I don’t even want to remember how that avocado green tank top turned out a few weeks back. It is still banned to the back of my closet. And I am still undecided if I should try and fix it or simply burn it. Should burn ok though, it’s a cotton/silk mix...

Ok, enough with the threats. It’s supposed to be a great week. The weather is warm and I am back on track with my knitting schedule – out of the “back-from-vacation-still-need-to-unpack-slump”... Going SNB knitting Wednesday and Friday, and Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day. YAY!!!

Have a good one - more soon – happy knitting!


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