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Friday, January 12, 2007


Today is a good day because - THANK GOODNESS IT IS FRIDAY, and payday, and I am looking forward to a nice SNB group tonight and two days of doing nothing but hanging out with hubby and the fiber dogs - and, OK, with my knitting gals tomorrow afternoon.

Here is the first proof that I am a strong woman who sticks to her New Year's resolution:

I went knitting last night with my friend Jacquie, and we visited Katey and her girlfriends at Purly Gates. AND... I did not buy any yarn. Whoopdidoo-o-o! Believe me, there was a ton of yarn I could have bought, but I held strong! Jacquie, tho', bought some beautiful Mission Falls to knit a poncho for her MIL for Christmas 2007. She is way ahead of the curve - I am not thinking about this now. I'm still delighted I got done with last Christmas...

So instead (of looking for fiber), I wandered elsewhere and browsed for books and needles. Like I don't already have plenty enough books and needles. But that's another story altogether. So, here is what I found:

New books & needles from Purly Gates

Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting, by Marianne Kinzel, and Cool Socks Warm Feet, by Lucy Neatby, plus some very cool wooden needles (size US 17) with doggie toppers:

Size 17 Knitting Needles with Doggies

Aren't the dogs just too cute? I usually am not a big fan of straight needles but these I had to have. And actually, I use straight needles to make scarves, so there... I will use them. In fact, I already started a project with them last night when I got home from the knit-in - using yarn from the Scarf Box. I am making a scarf from my stash - YAY. :-)

With this - have a great weekend!


Anonymous Debby said...

Have a good weekend too! The new needles look so cute!

4:10 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Heather said...

hmmm, this is what I plan to do on Sunday - go to a yarn shop and buy no yarn!

11:44 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cute...needles that coordinate with the puppies!

3:03 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Holly Burnham said...

I just bought that book from Amazon and have yet to really look through it. The doggy needles are great!!

7:50 AM GMT-5  

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