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Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday Report - Part Three

I really wonder what is wrong with me... I had such big plans for this week but I haven't done $#!+, pardon my French. Then again, maybe I should say - I haven't done merde...

Here is what I wanted to do:

  ·  organize my crafts room
  ·  inventory my stash into a spreadhseet with pictures
  ·  do chores around the house
  ·  spinning
  ·  visiting friends

...and a bunch of other things.

Here is what I've done so far:

  ·  knitted
  ·  played with colors and dyed some samples
  ·  did laundry
  ·  watched movies and knitted
  ·  taught a class and knitted
  ·  went to a couple of knit-ins and knitted
  ·  bought more yarn

Other than that I feel like a big bum. I've been sleeping in until past 8am which is really late for me. Ordinarily I get up at 5am... And I have no motivation to tackle the big projects... Oh well, the more I stress about it, the worse I feel. I am going to stop now... and just forget about it for a while.

So, here is my little dyeing project. Remember the Cotswald fleece I got from my SIL from the Vermont Sheep & Wool festival? I spun a little sample a while back. The fleece is very clean but not washed, and I didn't really want to wash it because it is so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o much work.

Cotswald - single ply unwashed, undyed

You can see how yellow it is from all the grease - but because of the grease it was really nice to spin.

Here it is again after a little wash - you have to soak your yarn before you dye it, so I just soaped it a little:

Cotswald - single ply washed

Already much whiter and not greasy anymore.

And here is the sample after 2 minutes in the microwave in a dye of one package each of Grape and Strawberry Great Value Unsweetened Drink Mix:

Cotswald - single ply - dyed

I zapped it for another two minutes and the dye soaked in some more.

Here is the sample I knitted from it last night:

Cotswald - Spun, dyed and knitted

It is pretty fuzzy - I knitted it on size US #2. I didn't ply it - so, it's a single strand. I like the color - it came out pretty even.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I think I have to put the laundry away now and get some more stuff done before I leave to go knitting at Why Knot Knit tonight...


Anonymous Ann P said...

I can't let that be the only comment you get...your new yarn looks neat-O...I look forward to copping a feel if you bring it Saturday! Perhaps you're suffering from insufficient caffeination!

5:51 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Claudia said...

Thanks Ann - nobody is save from these stupid spammers. Like I - a peaceful knitter - wanted what he sells. But thankfully one can delete spam comments like this... See ya Saturday! And yes, you might be right about the caffeine...

6:37 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dye came out great! Thanks for posting pictures.

I've been a big bum, too, this holiday. Sometimes, you just need time to take a break--and that's worth doing, too!

12:51 PM GMT-5  

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