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Friday, December 29, 2006

Why Am I at Home Right Now?

Because I live close to Atlanta, GA, and traffic sucks beyond belief. At 4pm I left home to drive into town for my usual Friday afternoon knitting session. But I gave up after 20 minutes because traffic was horrific. Why did this happen? Because I like knitting with people - but I am too stupid to realize that it's Friday afternoon and I am one of the few people that is off work this week.

Oh well - so, I decided (since I was close to Jo-Ann and Hobby Lobby) to do some shopping. Here is what happened at Jo-Ann at the check-out:

The clerk (17, unshaven pimply face) scans the first item, a frame, which I thought would be 50% off because there were signs all over the frame section, and it rang up full price.

Me: The discount didn't show up.
Clerk: Hm, then it doesn't have a discount.
Me: But there are signs all over the Frames section that say all frames are 50% off. So why is this not discounted? (Yes, I agree I was not my usual pleasant self, thanks to the traffic hassles.)
Clerk (looks at me and then at the frame again): I dunno. (not offering any help to find out - great customer service training...)
Me: Well, then I don't want it.
Then the clerk is pissed because I don't want the frame, and deletes it from the register.

Just then, one of the managers who knows me (because I teach at Jo-Ann) walks by and asks very nicely what the problem is. I explain the frame situation and she points out that I picked a frame that is actually a shadow box - sorry y'all, but that was the shallowest shadow box I have ever seen - and they're not marked down. Anyway, at least she knew what the problem was and explained it.

Finally the clerk finished ringing up my items - he was actually slapping them on the counter after scanning them and I was just waiting for one of the more fragile things to break - and I swiped my credit card. Then he scanned my teacher's discount card. But the system didn't take the discount card and my credit card was charged without it. He just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and tried to tell me that I was too fast swiping my card. What BS - that has never happened before. But I could get the discount if I would get in line at the customer service desk to re-enter the whole purchase. At that point I just looked at him, grabbed my bags and left. I didn't scream until I was back in my car...

Then I went to Hobby Lobby and scored big time - all the needlefelting tools & roving were 50% off. I bought 4 bags of roving, and a bunch of tools. I'll take pictures later. And I bought 16" circular needles, two size 0 and two size 1 for knitting socks on two circular needles - also 50% off. And some yarn, of course. That made me feel much better.

Only two hours start to finish... At least I picked up some sushi for Hubby and me...

OK, I am going to start a pair of socks now, have a glass of Champagne (left over from Xmas believe it or not - we are getting old) and watch a movie - Homicidal. Sorry for the ranting... Sometimes you just have to do that...

And then I look at these two cute creatures and the world is all better!

The Fiber Dogs - in Daddy's office

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous Ann said...

Homicidal...the perfect choice! Haw haw.

10:43 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Mouse said...

After working for part of my life in retail.. nothing pisses me off more than a nasty store clerk.

1:04 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Angela said...

What a jerk of a store clerk...teens can be the most ass-inine. Have to check out Hobby Lobby. Don't know if we have one here or not?


10:56 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Angelika said...

Thanks for sharing that experience. I thought I was the only one that had a day to scream about. But I guess it all balances out at the end. Happy knitting aehm, I mean new year ;)

1:19 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Days that suck - we all know those too well, and I've had plenty myself in the last few weeks. Sorry you had such a bad day!

2:10 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish we had Hobby Lobbys in Oregon...they sound a bit like heaven. And I just want to kiss both those dogs on their noses.

6:50 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Polly said...

At least your mgr was able to offer an answer the ones here just stare blankly.

3:15 AM GMT-5  
Blogger flwrhead said...

Hobby Lobby has ROVING????

5:19 PM GMT-5  

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