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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday Report - Part One

Once upon a time there was a crazy knitter who was married to a man who didn't want anything knitted from his wife. Not because he didn't like her knitting but because he was a regular T-shirt-and-shorts kinda guy. He only wore sweaters and hats when his wife dragged him to Germany where the weather is usually cold and nasty and you need to wear something to keep you from freezing. But in Georgia, USA, he was a very happy camper without heavy socks and scarves, etc.

So, Christmas came along and the wife knitted something for all the other loved ones in her life, and she thought long and hard about what to knit for her husband. You have to know that her husband has an enormous jigsaw puzzle collection - over 7,000 puzzles. Inspired by one of her knitting friends, the wife decided to make him a jigsaw puzzle.

She used up all her leftover felting wool and knitted a big striped rectangle. She used two strands of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes and needles size US #15:

Jigsaw Puzzle - before felting

One evening before Christmas, she threw the big thing (actually big enough to be a lapghan) in the washer and felted it:

Jigsaw Puzzle - after felting

The edges were a little ruffled but the wife just cut them off to make a smooth edge. She also found a template with jigsaw puzzle pieces online.

And on Christmas Eve morning at 6 o'clock when the world was very quiet and hubby and the fiber dogs were still asleep, she sat down at the dining room table with a big wonderful cup of tea and started to cut the jigsaw puzzle:

Jigsaw Puzzle - start cutting!

And after a while it was all done:

Jigsaw Puzzle - all done

The wife was very happy how it turned out and wrapped it all up in a big box to surprise her hubby on Christmas morning:

Jigsaw Puzzle - in the box

AND - YEAH BABY - he was surprised, and delighted! And the wife was happy because she knitted something for him after all. Knitters know some tricky ways to wriggle their craft into almost anybody's life. He-he-he...

And they lived happily ever after...


Anonymous grace said...

Very cool!

1:33 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Ann said... a damn genius! Proving there's more than one way to give a knitted gift!

1:48 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anita said...

What an awesome idea for a gift--very inventive and a neat way to use up leftover yarn!

4:15 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous kmkat said...

Wowie-zowie, girl! I hereby bestow upon you the Most Creative Use Of Knitting award. (btw, I found you from JenLa's knitting blog awards -- you are on my Bloglines now!)

12:20 PM GMT-5  

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