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Monday, January 08, 2007

Back to Spinning!

Finally! I have to admit that I haven't touched my wheel since last year. Sounds very dra-mah-tic, if you disregard the fact that today is only the 8th day of January. But seriously, I wanted to spin over the holidays but didn't feel like it at all. Moody woman...

So, it took a Distaff Day at the Peachtree Handspinners Guild to get me all excited again and hot-to-trot uhhhh -spin...

Thankfully I had a brain in the morning before Nicole, Shari and Jen showed up around 9:15 last Saturday and I packed three different rovings in case I would get totally frustrated with one of them. And indeed - I did. I had some Merino/Silk mix on the bobbin and I wanted to continue with it. No way José - it was not my day for that roving. Off went the bobbin and on came a new and empty one, and I started spinning with the roving that my Sneaky Snarky Pal Laurie - who is called Blogless Laurie - gave to me. She is one of Katey's friends, and she outed herself on Saturday. Noooo - not what you think, only that she was my Sneaky Snarky Pal! Laurie gave me 4oz of Dragon's Fire by Three Bags Full. Dragon's Fire consists of purebred American romeldale wool, Tencel®, and silk noil, a very luscious blend. Here is a picture of my handspun:

Distaff Day 2007

It spun up very thin. I like the colors but of course I had to hear some teasing from my spinning gals - they were wondering if I emptied the dryer filter and added some extra fiber. Har-har... Just because the tencel looks a little like lint. I am about 1/3 through the 4oz ball and I will probably ply it.

AND while we're at it - Laurie also made a very cute little purse for me. I love the handles. Very funky! Dorky me hadn't blogged about my gift - SORRY! Here it is, with the roving in the bag and chocolate, which went straight to the office to share with my co-workers:

Sneaky Snarky Pal gift

And here are some pictures of the circle of spinner/knitter/bloggers at the spin-in on Saturday - and it's not my fault that most of them are blurry. These women move too fast!

Distaff Day 2007
Laurie, Stephanie, Janice, Jane & Nicole

Distaff Day 2007
Katey, Amy & Laurie

Distaff Day 2007
Melissa, Jen , Allsion & Kerry

At the time - when I took these pictures - two of our friends where still missing in action - Sandy and Mouse got there later and somehow escaped my camera. Oddly, tho', I got a picture of Sandy's goregous handspun alpaca blend:

Distaff Day 2007

After a while my back started killing me and I carded some of the Cotswald fleece from Vermont and spun that up, too. No pictures yet - sorry!

And some of us went to a local pub after all this exhausting spinning for some food & beer and knitting. And since it was our second time at the pub, the waiter remembered us knitters. Too funny.

Distaff Day 2007
Shari, Melissa, Allsion & Jane

We decided that Shari really needs her own blog because she has the funniest stories. Everytime we meet she has new ones that just make you laugh out loud. But that lady is very busy and I can understand that she would have a hard time finding time to write her stories down.

Distaff Day 2007
Nicole, Jen, Shari & Melissa

We had a great time! Why can't there be a week of Saturdays like this???


Anonymous Kerry said...

It's me! It's me! I've never been on anyone's blog before, I feel special. :)

And I really want to go to the Brickstore and knit with you girls sometime! I love that place.

8:58 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Donna said...

Hi, there! I wondered what all the excitement was over there in the corner! My husband has been a guild member for a while, but we just got our family membership in November. I'm looking forward to getting to know a lot more people!

2:48 PM GMT-5  

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