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Friday, January 19, 2007

Remember Me???

Hello there - I am still alive and ready for a weekend. And it will be a long one because I was given this Monday off for all the extra hours I put in lately. YAY!

I can't believe that my last post here was last Friday - this week sure zoomed by.

The last 3 weeks have been extremely stressful at work, and I actually missed a bunch of knitting meetings. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? Work got between me and knitting with friends! GEEZ... Here are some fun postcards a friend emailed me that kinda express some thoughts I had this week, when I was getting to work at 7am and leaving at 7pm... And my thoughts were kinda in this order...


Well, at least I am still knitting, right? Even tho' I missed out on some gatherings, I knit at home and on the bus.

Last weekend at the SNB meeting in Gainesville, Ms. Jen made me feel really guilty because she was working on her fourth red scarf for the Red Scarf Project and I hadn't done squat... So, I casted on for a red scarf on Saturday and finished it Sunday evening. Here are some pix:

Red Scarf Project

Yarn: 2 balls of Caron Simply Soft Shadows
Pattern: Slip Stitch pattern from one of Sally Melville's books
Needles: US #8

And here is her highness, Hermione, who never, ever likes to be photographed:

Red Scarf Project

I have no clue how I managed to get this shot... Maybe because the scarf was still on the needles and I held on to the scarf (thus the dog) while taking the picture?

The scarf went in the mail this week. Last year I did better and knitted more scarves. Somehow, time just flew by and suddenly January is almost over. Boy-oh-boy...

And here are some doggies snuggling while I was knitting, sitting on the floor in hubby's crammed office while he edited some of my writings. Because some of my English excursions tend to be mystifying, I hung out to answer his questions.

Cuddling with Noah
Knitting with Mommie

See the boxes? That is part of his evergrowing stash of jigsaw puzzles.

It seems like I have been knitting a lot of scarves lately... Last weekend I also finished another scarf - this will go into a box for knitted gifts (you never know when you need something):

SP9 Scarf

I have to look for the label, but I think it was a GGH yarn (100% acrylic and unbelievably soft). I had four balls and used them all (the balls did not have a lot of yardage) - on needle size 17. (That was the project on the wooden doggie needles from last week.) The pattern is a mistake rib and it's very airy - I guess knitting on needle size #17 helps. :-)

The outlook for this weekend: a yarn crawl with the gals from SNB-NEGA to The Whole Nine Yarns in Woodstock, GA. And Monday off - hooray for that! Have a good weekend! Expect yarn crawl pictures in this theatre soon...


Anonymous Tressa in NC said...

LOVE the picture of Hermione wearing the red scarf. Nice scarf, too. Enjoy your 3-day weekend.

1:55 PM GMT-5  
Blogger La said...

Lovely pooch snugglage! Fondle some fiber for me! And don't forget to come enter your guess for Jen's TD socks. You GA gals need to get your guesses in before the SnB.

I just LOVE those postcards!

6:50 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Debby said...

Love those postcards!!! And your model is very sweet.

Sorry you had to work so much, but enjoy your day off tomorrow. Can't wait to see your new finds from the yarn crawl.

5:50 PM GMT-5  
Blogger stephanie said...

have you considered offering atreat every time the camera comes out? It might make Hermione more receptive to sitting still for it.

12:34 PM GMT-5  

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