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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Confessions of a Sloppy Knitter

OK - this is what a messy crafts room looks like. Beware, don't let your children see these pictures - they might get ideas... Hey - maybe next year I'll win another JenLa award for this...

Craft Room Mess
Craft Room Mess
Craft Room Mess
Craft Room Mess

SO THERE - I have hardly room to spin and the dogs just barely fit on the futon. I thought if I take pictures and out myself, I might get some motivation to clean up and organize the room. There's nothing gross - just paper messy, knitting project messy, etc. No rotting garbage or anything like that... thankfully...

I am hoping to have this started and finished soon. Send motivating vibes! Of course, the bigger the mess gets the less I want to deal with it...

SOOOOOOOO - what's happening knitting-wise? A LOT!

I finished two socks - not matching - look for yourself:

Popsicle Socks - Close-up

I will call these Popsicle Cables. The pattern is inspired by Sensational Knitted Socks, and I dyed the Knitpicks Bare with lemon and strawberry Great Valueâ„¢ Drink Mix.

Chevron Stripes

See, I told you they were different. ;-) These socks I call Snaky Chevons. The way the colors stripe around the sock reminds me of snakes. The pattern, again, is inspired by Sensational Knitted Socks. This time it is a toe-up with short rows and a short row heel.

And I finished some spinning - a 3-day weekend is definitely helpful:

Alpaca Tussan Silk

300 yards of single ply Alpaca/Tussan Silk (19 wpi)

Alpaca Tussan Silk

I am eyeing a nice lace shawl pattern with this. I think I should have enough. I thought about plying it but then it came very evenly twisted from the bobbin and I thought - oh no baby, you will be single. More yardage for me!

I also tested some Merino/Bombyx Silk mix which I got from the owner of Knitch last week. And it turned into a nice 2-ply:

Merino Bombyx Silk
Merino Bombyx Silk

Very soft and yummy - I love the colors. Don't they remind you of somebody?

Have a great Wednesday - I am headed to a SNB meeting.


Blogger jenifleur said...

It's good to know you have SOME faults. Now I don't have to hate you! ;)

8:36 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh, pretty socks. I just got into socks, and now I'm like an addict.

10:24 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do love to see someone else's stuff strewn about. It makes me feel ever so much better about my own!

11:05 PM GMT-5  
Blogger magnicmax said...

The mess - that can be fixed in a day or so. Just put on your ipod, block out the world and dig in. You have a nice space - think of all the possibilities!

I am envious - my craft room is still under construction, along with the rest of my entire second floor of my house! Ah, this too shall pass.

Love the alpaca - I would love to see how it knits up. Great colors!

8:15 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like to do a few bits at a time. You know, put away ten things, then reward yourself with some knit time.
Or you could just skip it and knit, but then you wouldn't get to spin much.

9:26 AM GMT-5  
Blogger stephanie said...

As a clutterbug myself, I don't really see anything wrong. I see it as creativity in action. however, if you feel your room is draining your creativity, that's another story.

12:32 PM GMT-5  

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