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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wanna Hop on the Bus with Me?

Morning Sky - at 6:00am
Monday Morning Sky at 6:00am

Yeah – I know it’s freakin’ early – I get up at 5am tho’. But I am a morning person, so I am a happy camper as long as I get coffee and no smelly person comes too close. Which is not always possible when you take public transportation.

Let me take you on a little journey with me today. You can accompany me on my daily commute to work. I took the camera with me yesterday and I truly felt like a tourist snapping pictures on my way to work. It actually made me feel good. ;-)

It was a beautiful morning and usually it takes the bus about 40 minutes to drive into the big city – Atlanta. Then I hop on the subway for another 15 minutes and then I'll walk for another 20 minutes. Here are a few shots from the subway in the morning.

MARTA at Peachtree Center Knitting on the Train
As you can see, I am knitting on the bus and on the train.

Atlanta in the Morning Atlanta in the Morning

Atlanta has some cool buildings. Of course – me the country girl is fascinated easily. ;-)

Walking along to the office, I also get a little-bitty sunrise:

Atlanta in the Morning

And here is where I end up after the morning travels - the office:

The Current Office
Nice building, huh?

To be continued... I am splitting the commute story into halves - since I want to post every day in November. Today the weather is nasty. Luckily, I brought my umbrella with me - a big one. :-)

BTW - I started a felted purse last night (with the Shades of Narnia handspun) and finished it during lunch today. I can hear the washer calling - use me, use me... He-he-he...


Anonymous Rebekah said...

I love buildings too, I find something fascinating by them. When I've visited New York I always end up with a crick in my neck from constantly looking up.

Love the building you work in, it has an old building look, but also new. Which is it?

4:49 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Pixiepurls said...

that is very pretty!

6:30 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous amy said...

lovely pictures! I can't wait to see the Shades of Narnia felted purse.

10:18 AM GMT-5  

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