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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spoiled Me...

OK – I am totally, totally spoiled. My tote pal Lisa from the International Tote Exchange II outdid herself.


Let’s pretend that this post is from last Friday, OK? Her package arrived last Thursday with the SP9 package - funny coincidence.

So, here is what I got. Sorry for the picture overload – I just have to share my excitement.

International Tote Exchange II International Tote Exchange II International Tote Exchange II International Tote Exchange II

Besides a beautiful felted tote and a little pouch, Lisa also sent me some corn yarn, a novel "Knitting Under the Influence" (I like Martinis), wonderful black and white cards, Texas wildflower seeds and tools from her favorite yarn store. She also wrote me a long letter about all the adventures the bag had and where the goodies came from.

And since the bag came in time for SAFF, I took it with me and everybody loved it. Here I am at the fiber festival in Asheville, NC with the tote. It matches perfectly the Entrelac poncho I knitted for the occasion.

The New Bag from ITE2

Speaking of SAFF - I will tell you about my adventures soon. I am still trying to catch up. I got back really tired on Sunday - the fiber overload was a bit much for little me. Stand by. ;-)


Anonymous grace said...

The felted tote is gorgeous!

2:59 PM GMT-5  
Blogger La said...

ok, I vaguely remember admiring that gorgeous tote this past weekend. So pretty!

On a different note, I can SO now hear your voice and the way you talk when I read your blog. That is so cool!

I really enjoyed meeting and hanging with you at SAFF, though a dishrag would probably have been better and healthier company than I. Thanks for sharing your space with me!

4:54 PM GMT-5  

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