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Monday, November 06, 2006

Balling, Lacing, Spinning, Plying, ...

I did it all yesterday. It was a quiet Sunday - just what I needed. I spent it in my sweat pants - like a lazy bum without doing any chores around the house. I know I will have to catch up on that but with just two adults and two dogs, it's not that bad. And I am actually the one that needs to be picked up after - grin... You know how it is - yarn, patterns, books, projects all over the place. And now clumps of roving and a spinning wheel. Ha-ha-ha...

So, I made a lot of tea, settled down in front of the TV and spent all day with Tony Soprano and his family. How relaxing. :-)))

I gave in to the lace itch and started Kiri yesterday morning. Once I got through the first chart and started with the second one, it was actually going pretty fast. It's a nice and easy repeat of 11 rows.


Yarn: Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud (100% Baby Alpaca)
Color: Midnight
Needles: US #8

I got two balls of the Alpaca Cloud - 880 yards in total. I am just going to knit until I like the size of the shawl and then I'll finish it with a third chart for the border. I really like charts - I guess that's another sign of being compulsive. Everything is so structured and organized with a chart and you don't have to read through a novel to figure out the pattern. ;-)

I am working with the Knitpicks needles. Love them - very pointy - great for lace knitting. I tried to spread out the shawl as best as I could. You know how it is with lace. The real beauty comes with blocking the project. Reminds me somewhat of the Cinderella fairy tale - from a maid in dirty clothes to a princess. ;-)

I couldn't really make myself seam the sweater and the cardigan. I still have a couple of weeks before the Christmas gifts will be sent to Germany. When I talked to my Mom yesterday, we were wondering what the best time would be to send the packages off. I am not taking any chances this year... My goal is to get the box to the post office on Monday after Thanksgiving. Keep your fingers crossed!

I also finished spinning the Shades of Nania roving.

Shades of Narnia - Single

It spun up very thin. Since the roving was pretty coarse and kind of sticky, it was easy to draft for me. And then I plied it.

Shades of Narnia - Plied

It's 100% wool - app. 210 yards. It turned out real purdy - as the Southerners would say. I love the colors - lots of browns and pinks mixed together. I think I will use it for a felted purse. That reminds me - I have not felted anything in a long time...

I also worked with the ball winder and swift for a while to get all the goodies from SAFF out of my way. Some of the sock yarn was a pain in the rear to ball, but oh well - all done now, ready for a project.

I also started a knitting project for the SNB-NEGA Holiday Party raffle - but obviously I can't tell you about it. ;-) Here are some doggie nose close-ups for you. Courtesy of Noah, Hermione and hubby. :-)

Noah Hermione

Have a great week!


Anonymous grace said...

Your plied yarn is gorgeous!

3:14 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Janice in GA said...

You will be assimilated... by LACE! Mwahahah!

4:04 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Allison said...

The handspun is soooooo gorgeous! I love those colors. Great job!

5:09 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Heather said...

Claudia, what amazing handspun! These are some of my favorite colors, and what a yummy combination!

I am going to put your blog under "participants" on the Red Scarf KAL site. If you want posting access, make sure you sign into Wordpress and then email me at heatherknits[at]gmail [dot] com with the email you used to sign up.

Also, email me if you would like me to collect a batch of scarves and send all at once!

5:26 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Polly said...

So where did you get that roving? It's gorgeous. I love what you did with it?

12:50 AM GMT-5  

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