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Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Home for My Roving

Well - I am a newbie to spinning, roving, different breeds of sheep, etc. and - how to store roving. So, the compulsive German in me thought it would be great to have each blob of roving in a ziploc bag with its tag. Yesterday at the SNB meeting, I learned that this not a good idea because your roving can get moldy... Oy... I don't want that, of course.

So, after the meeting on my way home, I was thinking about what I could find in the basement. Also, I want to keep my roving in one place - see, compulsive again... And I remembered we had an old laundry basket. PERFECT! Here is the roving in its new home.

Roving Stash

Roving Stash

And here are the goils from my Saturday group:

Stitch'N Bitch at the Bistro
Clockwise from top left: Jen, Amanda, Shari, Daye, Nicole & Susan

Stitch'N Bitch at the Bistro
Clockwise from top left: Jen, Amanda, Shari, Daye, Tovah, Jacquie, Nicole, Susan & Ann

You can see my wheel (on the left) - I actually did not knit one single stitch but filled a bobbin with the roving I got from my Secret Pal a week ago. Its colors are very cool - pinks and browns. More pix on that later. In the second picture you can see Ann holding one of Pixie's bobbins. And if you look closely - you can see Pixie's red curls and her cheek at the bottom right corner of the picture. Jenny was hiding next to my wheel. I gave her a quick lesson how to read charts. She wants to find the right pattern to make a wrap from some of the yarn she bought at SAFF.

Looking at the pictures, I noticed how serious all of them look. Believe me - we are usually a fun bunch. I guess I just caught them all thinking about the next stitch in the pattern. :-) Also not in the picture are Elaine - she had to leave early - and Sarala who sat at Jenny's and my table. The sofa corner is getting too small, ha-ha-ha. In total - 14 crocheters, knitters & spinners. And Ann's husband Richard, who throws in interesting stories about his language studies.

On my agenda for today - plying, balling my loot from SAFF and starting a lace project. I am having an itch and I want to do a Kiri. I bought some beautiful Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud (100% Baby Alpaca) a while ago.


Blogger Polly said...

Really?? It can get moldy? I store some of my roving in a vacuum bag (husband was still in the mood to play with his new sealer,.. it was either my roving or the cat... but now I am starting to worry abou the roving and think he should have done the cat)

But isn't all so much with all the sheep breeds and combos. I'm still learning too. Where are you getting your fiber from?

2:19 PM GMT-5  
Blogger La said...

Oooh Oooh! I KNOW some of those faces!

5:29 PM GMT-5  
Blogger La said... said balling....

5:29 PM GMT-5  

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