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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Weekend in the Mountains

Man - that was nice. Hubby and I had a great time in the Blue Ridge Mountains last weekend. And the dogs, too. When I suggested going away for the weekend our anniversary, Hubby insisted that we not kennel the dogs again. So, I found a pet-friendly cabin and we took the children with us. ;-)

It didn’t take long to get there – only 2.5 hours. The dogs were so excited to travel in the car. Too funny - it took them quite a while to realize that we were not just going to the park for a walk.

On the Drive to The Blue Ridge Mountains

Anyway, on the drive up, I finished the third and last piece of the Menorah Pillow. All I have to do now is connect all the pieces with an I-cord border and make four knotted I-cord buttons:

On the Drive to The Blue Ridge Mountains On the Drive to The Blue Ridge Mountains

Heh – can you see my socks? Another gift from Mama in Germany.

The weather was gorgeous. Here are a few pix of the cabin:

The Cabin The Cabin The Cabin The Cabin

We took advantage of the wonderful weather and went for a bunch of walks:

Walk on Friday afternoon Walk on Friday afternoon At Lake Blue Ridge At Lake Blue Ridge

And we enjoyed the deck:

Wine on the porch Claudia and Hermione
On the Porch - Saturday Morning On the Porch - Saturday Morning
On the Porch - Saturday Morning

I cannot believe that Hermione let me take such a silly picture. Usually she does not hold still for that long. Good girl!

While sitting on the deck, I also got some knitting done. I was working on the sleeves for the Harry Potter sweater and I also worked some on the "Flying Geese" scarf:

On the Porch - Saturday Morning On the porch - Friday Afternoon

We've spent several vacations in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and on each trip we get detailed driving directions to scenic trails. On each trip we can't find almost every one of them. This trip was no exception. Happily, the view from the cabin itself was gorgeous! This is one of my favorite shots from the weekend. I took it Sunday morning while the rest of the family was still buried under the covers and sound asleep:

View from the Cabin - Sunday Morning

If you're interested, you can find more pictures here.

When we arrived home on Sunday afternoon (our anniversary day), I got a gazillion very, very cool presents. I married a man who knows how to spoil. ;-)

New Knitting Books New Corvette - Teal Red Corvettes - His and Hers

In case you wonder why I got the cars – this Corvette is my favorite. And since I will never own one, Hubby got me miniature versions. He also bought me a model helicopter since I have a tendency to complain about my commute to work.

Beside a few other things, Hubby went on eBay and looked at over 25,000 auctions (yes, the number is correct) to present 118 charms to me. He bought charms of all my favorite subjects – knitting, cows, dogs, coffee, sushi, hearts, and German and Georgia stuff. He is in the process in putting them on bracelets. More pictures soon.

Oh – and here is a shot of the two of us. I know you were dying to know what Hubby looks like. He-he-he-he... He had bobbleheads of us made up – TOO CUTE!!!

Claudia and Irwin

OK – I am exhausted, despite a quiet and relaxing weekend with Hubby and the dogs in fresh mountain air. I need a break and a fiber festival. I am going to be a SAFFhole, according to Jen.

Be back after SAFF with pix and stories!


Anonymous Allison G said...

Ooooh! How sweet! I love it when they come up with something besides the standard flowers or chocolate and get something that shows they've been paying attention. ;) hehe

7:17 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Ann aka Phunkette said...

Dang, girl! The Alice Starmore Fair Isle! Better bring it in a plastic cover to keep the drool off! He'll have to give good husband lessons!

3:57 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Nancilyn said...

I was googling for a particular cardigan pattern and your blog came up in the search.
I couldn't resist taking a look, since my entire home and wardrobe is embellished by my St. Bernard. All of my fiber "art" projects automatically incorporate some of her hair, along with my own which is long and gray. Someone once joked that in the future
our works could be ID'd by the DNA of our pets!
Thoroughly enjoyed what I saw of your blog (especially that amazing sweater your Mutti made for you). Afterwards I felt like I already knew you and your dogs. I knit, freeform crochet/knit, do embellished crazy quilting, beading and other needleworks. I have fond memories of Munich from almost 50 years ago when I studied at the Uni there.
Your photos are great. You can see mine at
or check my rather neglected blog at
Nice to meet a kindred spirit,
California native, living in the KY Bluegrass

1:40 PM GMT-5  
Blogger DianeS said...

It's so good to be spoiled! Have a great time at SAFF!

9:29 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Polly said...

I wish I could take my dog to the mountains but she hates outside. BTW, LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT. It's so kicky!

12:30 AM GMT-5  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

Oh how exciting that the pups got to get to go to the mountains too.

And what great gifts!

3:57 PM GMT-5  

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