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Monday, November 13, 2006

Goldilocks Socks

I have a friend who I have knitted a pair of socks for. And my friend has a cat who peed on her socks.

So, because my friend is a dear friend, I offered to
a) try to rescue the socks and wash them for her and
b) knit her a new pair of socks.

On Saturday, I got the sock yarn from her and Sunday morning I sat down to create a pattern for her socks. After consulting my treasured Barbara Walker books, I came up with a cool pattern for the socks. It's a toe up sock with short rows at the toe and the heel. And since it's a pattern for a dear friend and she asked if I could make a cable sock, I found a pattern with XOXOX.

This is what I have accomplished so far:

Goldilocks Socks

When we showed the socks to her hubby, he just rolled his eyes and said that that is sooooo girly. With the Xs and Os. Ha-ha-ha... I like to be girly every once in a while.

If you bear with me and give me a little bit of time - probably until after Thanksgiving - I'll publish the pattern here. I am also working on the pattern for the fingerless mittens and the man's hat with cables. STAND BY...

Sorry to make you wait but I just have a ton of things going on right now and I would love to have a couple of clones to get everything done.... HELP... YELP... ;-)


Blogger Mouse said...

If you work out that cloning thing.. let us know ok?

12:43 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Larjmarj said...

How nice the socks match your beer! Just stumbled across your blog, nice work and nice title. Sounds like my house. I don't think cooking is possible without dog hair either.

1:42 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Jane said...

Watch out, you are going to be a world famous designer before you know it! Those socks are great.

3:13 PM GMT-5  
Blogger La said...

Oh, can't wait for you patterns!

How are you doing, BTW?

4:09 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous bekka said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! and placing them so close to corona? oh, call 'em corona socks and that MAN will beg you for them!

7:36 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Polly said...

Those are great socks.. but a German drinking Corona??

8:20 AM GMT-5  

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