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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Home for the SNB-NEGA Knitters

Well - after we successfully closed one coffee shop and made another restaurant close down for renovation, we went to knit at new place a few months back. It was another coffee house and it was fine at the beginning. But then summer came around and we realized that this place has no a/c, just one window unit in the room. Well - as you can imagine we started sweating up a storm. In addition, somehow the food made a turn for the worse, so people only ordered coffee and soft drinks. At some point we could not distinguish a chicken salad sandwich from a tuna salad sandwich... And the light was kind of like in a nicely dimmed living room when you have a headache. I have to say tho' the staff at the coffee house was very nice, but that did not weigh enough... Anyway - to make a long story short, it was time to look for a new location for the SNB NEGA knitters.

So I went back to the place that closed down for renovation. AND - TA-DA - they had re-opened in the meantime. And, OMG, they have a fabulous corner with sofas and comfy chairs. Great lighting. PERFECT for our little knitting group. So, last Saturday we had our first meeting there. And now we are meeting every Saturday at The Bistro @ Main Street Markets right on the Gainesville Historic Square in downtown Gainesville. Here are some pictures. If you are ever in the area on a Saturday afternoon between 2 and 4pm, come by!

This is how I found the place:

New Snb meeting location

The staff was so nice to block the area for us knitters and they pampered us all afternoon. They close at 3pm but we can stay until 6pm when the Main Street Markets close. VERY COOL!

SNB Meeting 072906

Here you can see Karen (our cross-stitcher - but she started knitting since she joined us, poor thing), Jen, Jacquie, Susan, Amanda, Pixie and Nicole with her snoozing daughter Anna. Anna is our youngest member. ;-)

You can find more picture from our knit-together on Pixie's, Ann's and my Flickr pages. Ann took some fabulous shots - she is a great photographer! This is my favorite - I love black and white photos:

Ann's Photo

We also finished some projects - believe or not, some people stitch and some people bitch at these meetings. ;-)

Jacquie's sock

Jacquie made it through her first sock heel with the magical loop. She is one of my knitting students and doing really well with that little sock. I think she might actually like knitting socks - even though you have to use tooth picks, as she calls US #1 knitting needles. :-)

Susan's muff

Susan finished her muff - very cozy - she is prepared for the next Georgia winter, or maybe that one day we have around here that is called "winter".

And I finished another dishcloth - I love that Mason-Dixon pattern, can you tell?

Finished Dishcloth

That's all for a first blog entry this week. I am off to another SNB meeting tonight at the Five Forks Trickum library.

Stay tuned for an update on my Xmas gifts - yes, I have finished some already. And I also have some news on the upcoming fiber festival in Athens, GA.


Blogger Mouse said...

ooh.. what a great place to knit! One day when I have a working car.. I'm going to have to join y'all. I won't see you tonight.. my husband will be working late.

4:36 PM GMT-5  
Blogger La said...

Hey, I recognize the tatoo'd one! Dang it's been so long since I've laid eyes on Jen, I almost forgot what she looks like.

You guys have a great B(n)S group...

9:20 PM GMT-5  

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