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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Color Experiments Coming Up!

On very short notice I found out about Plying the Arts 2006 in Athens, Georgia. And I managed to get registered for two workshops at the event:

W5-5A - Indigo Dyeing
This class will take the mystery out of indigo dyeing. Several formulas will be given and a dye vat set up for participants to use. Participants bring: well-washed skeins to be dyed (cotton, silk, or wool). Please have the skeins tied in several places to prevent tangling. They will be labeled in class for easy identification. A silk scarf will be provided for each participant to use for dyeing in addition to their own yarns. Nancy Kahrs.

W5-12P - Naturally Color
Take three natural dyes and explore the color possibilities. In this class, students will learn the basics of Natural Dyeing and get a good range of color while still using simple-to-follow directions and easy methods. Begin your exploration of color or continue your experiments; learn about how different fibers react and how to get the best color with your handspun yarns and unspun fibers. Students bring: 4-6 oz of yarn or clean unspun wool fiber for best color, rubber gloves, ziplock bags. Paula Vester.

This is sooooo cool. I always wanted to experiment with colors. And here are the workshops - just around the corner - on August 5, 2006. I haven't been to a class in a really long time - this is going to be fun. I am excited! And then I can make up my own color combinations - now, that's a scary thought...

If you are going too, or you are in the Athens, GA area, let me know if you want to meet up afterwards. I know that Pixie wants to organize a get-together somewhere that day. And maybe we can drop in at Main Street Fibers in Watkinsville... Do I like yarn stores, you think?

Ah - and I also have some pictures for you, finally... I know it has been a while. I have been busy getting my Xmas list together and running around with other stuff. Sorry...

So, since I am getting rid of my cross-stitch collection, I had to go through all my bins in the basement and sort through a ton of stuff. And lookie-here what I found:

DMC and Bead Stash

DMC floss and tons of beads. Well, isn't it a very nice coincidence that the latest Knitty issue had a pattern for knitted wristlets with beads, using embroidery floss?

Here is what I have knitted up so far:

Perdita Wristlets

You can find the three different Perdita patterns here. Aren't they cute? I feel like an 18-year-old punk when I wear the black one. ;-) See, knitting makes you feel younger. ;-)

Black wristlet

Blue wristlet blocking

Yes - I am blocking. What a surprise... But you have to, otherwise the lace pattern does not show as nice.

Here are a couple of close-ups:

Turquoise wristlet - closeup

Blue wristlet - beads closeup

And I finished another dishcloth. Here is Mr. Fish:

Fish dishcloth

Ok, that's it for the moment. I am off teaching a sock class tonight. Going to be fun. ;-)


Blogger Pixiepurls said...

have fun at your sock class! All that knitting, I'm getting dejavu!! lol

2:11 PM GMT-5  

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