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Friday, May 19, 2006

Update from Amsterdam

Well - it is 6:30am local time and I am sitting at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. And I thought - hey, I need to kill two hours while waiting for my connection to Munich. I might as well buy 60 minutes for 9€ and post a blog entry from abroad.

So far the travel experiences were mostly nice. First of all, hubby and I were totally flabbergasted when I checked in at Hartsfield. I think it took under 2 minutes. NWA has this incredible kiosk system. You just slide your passport, get boarding passes for all your flight segments, use the touchscreen to say how many bags you're checking, and somebody - a NWA employee of course - comes running with the tag for your checked luggage. Totally amazing. Hubby wondered why this process wasn't invented years ago. I wonder, too...

I left Atlanta at 12:29pm and arrived a little bit after 2:30pm in Detroit. I was booked on KLM, although this segment was operated by NWA. On the flight to Detroit, I sat next to a VERY charming young man (4 years old) and his mom. The boy was really a doll. Very well behaved, I kid you not - I was very surprised. And he was very sweet. He offered me chocolate chip cookies and candy, which I declined - since I had chewing gum ;-) And of course I was knitting. I have 4 projects in my backpack. I know I am crazy - no comments necessary. ;-) I brought the baby blanket, the socks and yarn for two funky scarves.

Since I did not want to start the baby blanket on the short flight, I got going on the first scarf. I had some JoAnn yarn in my stash and I decided to knit one for my sis-in-law since it was her birthday this week and I only got her a couple of pink T-shirts (she loves pink). So, I was knitting away and the little man next to me commented on my knitting as follows, and I quote: "You do a very nice job." How darling - he is going to be a heartbreaker in 15 years. ;-)

He was actually so charming that I forgot my book in the seat-pocket. Darnit - now I have to buy another copy of the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules! I don't have high hopes of getting it back - even with my address on the inside - yes, I know I am anal. ;-) Anyway - I hope it'll find a new owner who has as much fun with the book as I had.

The plane from Detroit to Amsterdam had the most astounding inflight entertainment system. I've traveled a lot but never had something like this. There was a little screen for each passenger in the seatback ahead and a remote control in the armrest. I will scan the program guide for you because there were too many movies to choose from. And I could start the movies when I wanted and pause when I needed a break. Totally awesome.

So, I didn't sleep a minute. I am usually too excited when I travel. Even two white wines didn't help. So, I finished scarves no. 1 and no. 2. Then I noticed that I must have screwed up the lace pattern on the baby blanket at some point at home - no it was not the wine on the plane. I need to investigate this at my parent's place on a big table... So after the scarves, I started knitting on the sock with the magic loop. Love it, had get used to it though.

And I watched "King Kong". I really, really liked the movie. Adrien Brody is great. Never cared for Jack Black... And did not in this movie either... I also watched "Match Point", Woody Allen's latest film - typically Woody Allen movie about New Yorkers in screwed up relationships, except in London this time. And for good measure, a crappy movie with Martin Lawrence, "Big Momma 2", although it had its moments. :-)

OK - people - gotta run to the gate now. Don't want to miss my flight to Munich!


Blogger Janice in GA said...

Sounds like you're having a good trip so far! Hope the rest of the trip is equally good!

Love reading your posts!

8:24 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Jane said...

Thanks for taking us with you on the planes - best flight I've ever had. hee hee Can't wait to see more of your adventure!

10:23 AM GMT-5  
Blogger Hockey Mom said...

Yay for the internet! I'm going to Germany through you! Weeeeeeee

10:41 AM GMT-5  

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