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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Something Cute for a Change

I am a sucker for animals - and especially for cute animal pictures. Here are a few I received the other day.

Must.... reach.... the.... cookie....

Is this your kid?

Thanks, I had it done at that fabulous new salon downtown!

In case you care to know, I am getting a haircut in a few hours. Nothing fancy like this cutie. I want to grow my hair out and it just takes forever to get past the shoulders. Anyway - sorry to bore you...

A nip here, a tuck look marvelous Dahhhhling!

And that is how I feel just now - old, tired and wrinkly - can somebody hand me a double-venti latte and some pins? I can't wake up and it is afternoon already... I guess I will catch up on my sleep when I am in Germany. Only 9 more days... Mom always lets me sleep in and has coffee ready when I get up. She already told me a about a new LYS in town - can't wait to shop with her!

Ok - be patient, I am working on a knitting update from the weekend and last week. I had a terrible disaster happen to me. I am still recovering... Knitting gone VERY bad - so bad I am ready to burn the project. Stay tuned for the update - I am working on it.

And here is something encouraging - especially when I think about a 10-hour flight to Germany.

I think I'll do the knitting and have the flight attendants take care of me ;-)


Blogger Jane said...

Now those are some CUTE pictures!

8:13 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Pixiepurls said...

ohh i bet you get LOTS of knitting done on that plane!! I nearly finished a 1 skein wonder on my trip to VA, but then realized I messed up grr and now I gotta get up the guts to rip after casting off!

8:56 PM GMT-5  
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