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Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday - this was a long week...

And I am glad it is over - a few more hours and I can leave the office for the weekend. I am going to a new SNB knitting group tonight after work. Why Knot Knit, a great yarn store in Buckhead - literally in walking distance from the office - hosts a knit-together from 5pm to 8pm. The location is dangerous for my credit card and so far I have not been over there very often. I heard that the meeting last Friday (the first one) was a lot of fun and they had 10 knitters there. I'll keep you posted.

So here is this week's update: WORK WAS CRAZY... Nothing new there, but it was just more crazy than usual.

AND AHHHH... I got my "release papers" from the orthopedist. The knee is a lot better. No more brace. He wants me to come back for a check-up in June. After my trip to Germany! Which brings me to the next topic.

I booked my flights - alrighty! I first thought about postponing the trip into June since my nephew has a couple of weeks of vacation - Germans have soooo much vacation. And my sister wanted to take some time off, too. But when I checked airfares, I thought a truck hit me. One week later the airfare would have been $1,300 instead $770. No way!!! I am not Rockefeller. So here is what I booked:

Depart from Atlanta Fri, May 19 12:29 pm via Amsterdam
Arrive in Munich Sat, May 20 8:20 am

LOTS OF KNITTING TIME HERE!!! But not enough time to go to a coffee shop in Amsterdam ;-)

Then I spend 10 days here:

And my return flight leaves on Tue, May 30 at 6:45 am. This gets me back to Atlanta at 1:50 pm the same day. I am very excited and so is my family. Can't wait to get my hands on my new niece. According to my brother (who is super-proud) she is just the greatest thing. Well - I believe him. Even though I think his vision is a little bit blurred from all the daddy-hormones kicking in :-)

Anyway - it is Friday. Yay - a weekend full of knitting ahead. I have to make up for last weekend's lost time. I have no new pictures yet - I'll take some over the weekend. For tonight's knit-together I have three projects in my basket:

No. 1 - a pair of socks. I splurged and got myself a skein of Mountain Colors (hand-painted yarns) Bearfoot - in Wildflower. It is gorgeous and very soft. Since I had a gift certificate, I did not cringe too much about the price tag of $21.75. UGH - usually I don't throw money around like this. But since I had to get rid of the gift certificate... I guess there is always an excuse ;-) So, I am on sock no. 1 and this is the first time I am knitting my heel with short rows. I am not very happy. I think I am more a flap heel person. But I won't rip it.

No. 2 in the basket (sounds almost like a TV show...) is the white sweater. I am still knitting the back and almost to the point where I have to decrease for the armholes. This pattern is killing me. It is very nice and not very hard, BUT there are so many stitches... 176 - BUT I had to use fingering yarn. Why didn't anybody talk me out of this??? Oh, well, I am not giving up - yet...

And the last project is the Cami Soleil from I am finished with the border pattern. It is knitted in the round and I have 160 stitches on my circulars. It is a lace pattern that repeats 3 times and then you plunge into boring stockinette stitch land... Perfect for a knitting group - you don't have to pay too much attention to a complicated pattern and can fully participate in the bitching part of the SNB ;-)

Besides the SNB NEGA meeting tomorrow and teaching a beginner knitting class on Sunday I will not do much. Maybe I can spend some time in the backyard with these two cuties:

Our adorable furballs... I guess now my doggie-mommy hormones are kicking in... OK, y'all have a wonderful weekend. I promise to have more knitting pictures next time. Cross my heart...


Blogger Janice in GA said...

Very glad your knee is doing better. Excellent news! And your trip sounds fun too!

3:44 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Jane said...

Fabu dogs!! Have fun on your trip. If any Opal sock yarn falls into your bag by mistake, I'll take it off your hands. hee hee

3:57 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Mouse said...

Another knit night? Seriously woman, do you EVER go home? ;) Those puppies need a mommy too you know!! (tee hee) glad your knee is feeling better!

8:58 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Pixiepurls said...

great seeing you today!! Thanks again for the wonderful socks, I am wearing them right now :)

5:48 PM GMT-5  

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