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Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1 - Labor Day in Germany

... And everybody is off work there today! Not fair ;-) These Germans have way too much vacation already. Ha - and I wanted to share something funny, so you'll have a good laugh on the Germans this Monday.

We all know that politicians need a vacation, too, from their stressful jobs, etc., etc., etc. So - the German "Chancellorette" was caught with her pants down while vacationing with her hubby on the Italian island of Ischia. Leave it to the Brits to put the picture on the front page of a newspaper - poor Angela Merkel ;-) Here is the "PG-rated" version of the front page of "The Sun":

I thought the headline was hilarious - a pun on "the Bundestag", which is the senate in Germany, and "bum", a British word for your behind. Too bad that Angela didn't cover up properly and the almighty papparazzis got a good shot of her. You can actually find an uncensored picture somewhere online, but I didn't want to make y'all feel sick...

I took lots of pictures over the weekend - not of Angela, silly, but of my knitting stuff. I'll post them shortly. Seems like I never have enough time these days. Have a great week!


Blogger Herbert said...

I am a transplanted German too, and I am quite envious of all the holidays my friends in Germany have. I'd love a May day here too. :-)

9:13 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Mouse said...

Tee-hee.. that's a good pun though!

9:43 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Hockey Mom said...

That is too funny!

8:22 AM GMT-5  

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