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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Sweater Gods Aren't Mad Anymore...

Thank goodness the curse did not last... I was so worried after the green tank top. Well, you know how it is... Paranoia everywhere ;-) Anyway - I felt very hyper last Saturday and thought about finishing the sand colored Knit Picks Shine sweater. All the knitting was done. I "only" had to sew it together and weave in a brazillion ends.

So, I plopped "The Godfather Trilogy" (yes, all three movies) in the DVD player and I finished sewing somewhat into the second part. But then I realized that I had to knit a band for the collar which according to the pattern had to be sewn on as well. But at the point I had it with the sewing and I tried to knit it on but nothing looked right... So, I gave in and knitted the band and while I knitted it, I sewed it on as well to make sure I would not knit it too long. By the end of part three I was done with the collar and it was 2am Sunday. I finally went to bed and left the weaving for Sunday later that day - I was way too tired for this at 2am.

And then something funny happened... When I was done with weaving in the ends, hubby came over and looked at the sweater and asked me what I was finishing up. I showed him my sweater very proudly. It layed on the table and hubby only said: "Boy, that looks stupid." I was in shock... Could it be that I knitted another sweater and it looks awful again??? OH NO!!! So, I tried it on. It fits great - I surely should lose 10-15 pounds which I am intending to do after the vacation in Germany. But after all, I really like it. When hubby saw me wearing the sweater, he thought it is gorgeous and took the following pictures. SO - here I am with the new sweater, without makeup and a bad hair day - BUT, as long as the sweater looks great, I don't care!!!

And then - boy, this was really a productive weekend - I blocked and sewed (can you believe it? more sewing...) the shrug together that I knitted for my colleague for her birthday on Friday. Very unusual that I finish something way ahead of time. Here I am modeling her shrug:

And I wanted to make a hat and booties for Julia to match the little cardigan I knitted for her a few weeks ago. Here is what I found in one of my books, "Knitting For Baby". The hat is knitted on straight needles with short rows. Interesting little knitting project (super fast to knit, REALLY!) and I added some FunFur for the little princess with a crochet border.

Julia also gets a bunny from Auntie Claudia - I found this little fella on Jen's blog and she got the pattern for the Schmeebunny here. That were one of the coolest instructions I ever followed. Go check them out. At first you think you have to have a major in geometry... Now, this is the Schmeebunny, first unfelted:

And here it moved - wasn't me, I swear ;-)

And here he is felted with a cute little crochet scarf. I first started knitting a scarf, but 4 stitches with leftover sock yarn was just too tedious. Sorry, I like knitting a lot but this did not go fast enough for me. Crocheting the scarf was way faster. Ok, ok, all you crocheters, I confess!

And now the magic question. What do I take on the plane to knit? I have about 18 travel hours to kill. I'll bring a baby blanket that is knitted in the round from the inside out. I am on round 77 with 320 stitches. The bind off is on row 142 with 576 - yay, so few stitches, NOT!

And socks. And I am getting adventurous in my old age. I bought a 40 inch circular needle for my Mountain Color Bearfoot socks. YES - I am going to try the magic loop sock. Mom will be shocked. She and I are old-fashioned sock knitters with double-pointed needles. I figured I am a lesser threat with a long loop (not really...) than with 5 metal dpns. And I got the little book. So, I should be fine ;-)

Mom also told me to bring some cotton yarn from my stash since she wants to knit a couple of sweaters for me. I won't say NO to this ;-) Two very good reasons: I can get rid of stash and buy more in Germany, HA! All the nice German and Italian yarns, HA! Are you jealous yet??? See, that's how I felt when I couldn't go to Maryland...

OK, y'all that is it for a while. I might blog while I am in Germany, if I can physically separate myself from my little nice and my nephew. My nephew (he is 8 years old) is already very excited - he and my sister are going to pick me up at the airport Saturday morning. I don't know if he is excited about seeing me or the possible presents Auntie has in her suitcase...

Take care - til June! Happy Knitting - viel Spass beim Stricken (as we say in Germany)!!!


Blogger Hockey Mom said...

Beautiful work! If you're already knitting with dpns, then the magic loop is a total piece of cake!

Where did you get that shrug pattern from? That looks like something I could wear....hmmmm.

3:11 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Jane said...

The sweater looks fabulous on you, and I really like the shrug too. Of course, all the baby things are wonderful. Have a great time in Germany.

4:52 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Janice in GA said...

Woohoo-- Claudia's kickin' butt and takin' names!!! You go, girl!

Have a great trip -- be safe and come back soon!

5:22 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Mouse said...

I love the ribbed sweater.. it looks great on you! Have fun in Germany- take lots of pictures for us!

9:47 AM GMT-5  

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