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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Finally - A Knitting Update

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know I have a knitting blog and the last few entries had no knitting pictures - how dare me...

Ok, so yes, I had a productive weekend - got lots of knitting done. Don't ask what state of cleanliness our house is in. But I have only two hands and it is hard to clean with the pointy stix in your hands.

So, here we go. First the finished projects.

I finished three scarves for a charity project Relay For Life that my friend Jenny sponsors through her employer. The scarves will be sold in a fund raiser.

Then I finished a shrug for a colleague (ok, I still have to weave in the ends and sew the side seams together, but the knitting is done). I used Knit Picks “Vacation” and it knitted up real nice and very fast. I was surprised. I think I am going to make another one for myself - WHEN??? The pattern is the Streakers Shrug by Pam Allen from the Interweave Spring Issue. I’ll post another picture when it is completely finished.

Here are the Knit-A-Long dishcloths for April:

I finished a hat and scarf set for my little niece Julia – I hope it will still fit her in three weeks:

And here are pictures of the felted bag I knitted as an experiment to see how the creme color would felt. Well, it didn’t really... I don’t like it. You can still see the stitches. So here it is – look for yourself, before and after felting:

It took about 50 minutes to felt as much as it did and then I gave up. The felted material is also a lot stiffer than my other felted items and I had a hard time shaping the bag when it came out of the washer. I can only guess that this comes from bleaching the wool to make it light-colored. The bag itself came out cute and I will surely drag it around. Now I have a summer color in my stash of felted bags. But I won’t use white or creme again if I can help it. Learned my lesson through this experiment. Well – that’s one thing experiments are good for, right?

And here are my first short row heel socks. As I said before, I don’t like the short rows – I guess I am a true flap heel girl. Now I know. So, I am thinking, this will be my one and only pair of socks with short row heels. I love the yarn though – it is very soft.

And then – of course – during the Friday SNB meeting at the yarn store, I had to buy yarn. If I go there on a regular basis, Visa will love me even more... Here is what I bought:

Some Rowan Haze for a scarf for my mom, I don’t think I’ll have it ready for Mother’s Day, but I will try. And some Berroco cotton blend for me. And an old Interweave Issue that I don’t own, from last year.

And now for something completely different... It can’t be all about knitting – no, you're right, it can be ;-)

Anyway, I got another cow this weekend. People who know me really well know that I love cows. (I guess only people who know you really well should know this kind of thing...) So, hubby feeds this addiction whenever he can and started a collection for me a few years ago. Now I am the proud owner of every medium-sized CowParade© figurine that was ever produced. I own just over 300 (no, we don’t have a farm, their average size is about 5" x 7" x 3") and they are everywhere in our house - the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, my knitting room (yes, the cows share the space with the yarn). Here is proof:

So anyway – my German friend Ellen and her hubby were in Atlanta this weekend. Ellen and I worked together in Atlanta for a while. Then she moved back to Germany, got married, and last year her German hubby and she moved to groovy San Francisco. Envy – I love SF. So, my hubby and I and the dogs (yes, the whole family went) met them for breakfast and Ellen brought me a gift from their recent trip to Las Vegas. That was so sweet – she remembered:

OK – I feel as goofy as this cow and I am exhausted now. More posting later!


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