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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Flash Your Stash - April 1, 2006

I missed it... Oh well, the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a flasher and get away with it... But, at least I got some great inspiration. Here are some nice ones:

This is the coolest one I have seen - definitely worthy to go on a knitting book - in my mind. Way to Go - Knit And Tonic! Here is Pixie's stash and this is Mouse's stash (her Apr-1 entry).

And if you want to know who-all participated in the flash-o-mania, go to the contest itself.

But - knitters - as I said, I got inspired. Not too long ago I spent a whole holy Sunday in my room and tried to organize my stash. It was OK, but not great. At the time, I used storage material that we had at the house, mostly cardboard boxes (at least the pretty - I mean purdy - ones from IKEA). But these boxes are not very sturdy and since I have a lot of yarn, they do not hold up well. Anyway - I was in a way happy that I got everything kind of organized but not with the way it was put together.

SOOOOOOOOOOO - I made a trip to the Container Store. Ahhhhhhhh... Heaven for an anal German who likes to organize. Not so heavenly for my credit card... Anyway - this is what I bought:

Two of these:

And one of these:

We'll see if I can fit everything. I was being conservative... Does this look like yarn organization or what? I promise I will take BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the closet. I am very excited about it and maybe if I have enough energy tonight, I'll get started. Since I am not going to be home before 9:30pm (Knit Night at Joann's), we'll see... But not later than on the weekend... Ha - can I wait that long?


Blogger ShelbyD said...

Clear closet organizers - what a great idea for yarn storage. I may have to steal that one!

10:47 PM GMT-5  

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