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Monday, April 03, 2006

Dad's vest made it across the ocean...

What a drama... My Dad finally got his felted vest last Friday. It took EXTREMELY long this time. Usually you can figure two weeks for airmail to get to Germany. This time it was almost 4 weeks. You just never know with the postal service - and the German one is not any better than the one in the US. At some point I actually thought it got lost. All the hard work and all the sweat when shaping this gigantic felted piece in shape for nothing...

Another crazy thought I had... Down the street from my parents lives a Catholic priest (everybody is Catholic in Bavaria - that's where the current Pope is from...). This fellow has the same last name as my folks and sometimes the mail gets crisscrossed and my parents end up with the priest’s mail and he gets their mail. So, in my evil mind I thought maybe the vest arrived on the wrong doorstep... I told my Mom (since Dad didn’t know what his gift was) if she saw the priest in a new vest, she should call the cops. I took pictures before I sent it and I have the proof. But of course that was just my evil mind – a Catholic priest would never do anything wrong. Ha, yeah right...

Anyway – my good ol’ Dad loved the vest. He called me himself - very unusual, he hates to talk on the phone and he can not understand how my Mom and I can be on the phone for more than 5 minutes... Mom told me that he wore the vest on Friday and Saturday - he must really like it. Since my Dad is a professional tailor he can appreciate the work and knows how much time and effort you put in a big knitting project. Especially since he lives with a knitting addict as well ;-) And a felted vest just simply beats a pair of bicycle gloves (sis’ gift) and a cordless screw driver set (bro's gift). I'd rather give him something that he can't buy in the store.

I’ll take a picture of handsome Dad with the vest on my next trip to Germany in May. I still haven’t decided on the exact dates. I’ll keep you posted, of course ;-)


Blogger Debra said...

Welcome to BlogLand!! I was referred by JenLa, but any knitter who talks about dog hair instead of cat fur is a keeper in my book!!
(mom to a black lab mix and a McNabb Border collie).

12:09 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous La said...

Hiya! Just a little note to let you know that there really are 2 different people who write JenLa...the one you know, and then me!

Looking forward to reading you more

1:15 PM GMT-5  

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