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Hi there - My name is Claudia. I live with my hubby and our two furry kids in Georgia, USA. Originally I am from Germany - southern belle from Bavaria replanted to the Southern US. I am very addicted to knitting - 4-5 projects going at the same time... What can I say...

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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Dolly Parton Basket

Ta-da - hubby came up with another name creation for one of my felting creations. It is the Cat Bordhi Moebius Fanny Basket aka Moebius Bum Basket aka Moebiass Basket. As I said, I was not as brave as Cat and used two blues instead of pink and green.

And here it is - we proudly present - THE DOLLY PARTON BASKET:

I am going to knit with some fellow knitters after work today to beat that darn traffic going home and tomorrow is another knit-together with my SnB NEGA group.

With this I let you slip in your well deserved weekend - more next week!


Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Was cruising blogs on a Saturday night and stopped by yours. I had to comment on how much I a.) loved your basket and b.) chuckled at the name of the basket. How very appropriate! And I prefer the two-tone blue...but don't tell Cat B.

7:40 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Jane said...

Hi Claudia! Glad I found your blog - and I like the Fanny Basket a lot.

12:31 AM GMT-5  

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