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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday, bloody Wednesday...

Feel like writing a blog entry today. Wish it would be Friday instead of Wednesday. On the spur of the moment last week, I got several people of the SnB Atlanta group interested in getting together on Fridays to knit after work. So – I will meet three knitters this Friday at a Starbucks close to work. Blind date with fellow knitters – always fun. I checked out the Starbucks last Friday and it was quite nice. It has a comfy sofa, a bunch of big sofa chairs and tables with chairs. We should be able to fit in a small group of knitters.

Today I also got the OK from the library where I knit every 3rd Monday of the month that we can come and knit as often as we want. Every day if we want – yeah – I wish I had that much time... So, now we are knitting every other Monday at the Buford Library from 7pm to 8:30pm.

SO - all in all - it was at least a bit of success today on the knitting front.

Here are a few things I found today on fellow knitting blogger’s blogs. This is from Jane’s blog – how funny. Now you know what BAVGIRL really stands for:

What can you expect from a German Alien??? Immediate repair and learning... I guess that is in sync with the crappy German cars...

Found a great button on a Jen’s blog:
This takes you to a wonderful list – what to do with your stash – a nice list of ideas what to do with left over yarn. And I thought I would have to feed it to the dogs one of these days.

Speaking of the dogs, I wanted to share a picture I took the other day of Noah’s paws. Hubby and I always marvel about Noah’s front paws – they are HUGE. Remind you – he is only a 50-pound dog. But he has the front paws of a 100-pound dog. (His hind paws are pretty normal-sized.)

Very cute – makes him look like a puppy and you just have to love on him some more. But don’t let Hermione catch you. One of her rules: “Thou shalt have no other dog beside me.” Actually, it is not that bad, just almost... Sometimes we wonder if Noah exists in her map of the world at all. But she is nice to him – every once in while. Just what you expect from the big sister.

I am looking forward to tonight’s knitting group of the SnB Atlanta at another library location in Gwinnett. These knitters are so much fun. Last week we were shushed big time. Tonight we booked their conference room. So we can be as loud as we want. It's really funny that they shush a table full of adults who are enjoying a craft together and the tables with loud teenagers and the screaming kids don’t seem to bother the librarian. Anyways – it’ll be fun tonight. I brought both of my sweaters.

I got the front and the back done for the sand-colored cotton sweater and I am working on the first sleeve now. I should get done pretty quickly since it is a sweater with short sleeves.

And on the white cable sweater – after one ripping session (I had too many stitches, even with swatching) – I got about 16cm/6.5” done. Now I am increasing again after the waist line. It looks very pretty. I have to take a bunch of pictures – I know.

More later – Have a great Wednesday… - I think I need a last dose of caffeine for the day. Hubby showed me a great Dilbert Cartoon over the weekend – Wally (Dilbert's colleague and fellow engineer who is a thoroughly cynical employee who has no sense of company loyalty and feels no need to mask his poor performance or his total lack of respect) says that his purpose in life is to transport huge quantities of coffee from the coffee maker to the urinal. THERE YOU GO...


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