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Hi there - My name is Claudia. I live with my hubby and our two furry kids in Georgia, USA. Originally I am from Germany - southern belle from Bavaria replanted to the Southern US. I am very addicted to knitting - 4-5 projects going at the same time... What can I say...

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

A busy weekend and its outcome

Man - it is already Thursday. Somehow this week just went by in a blur...

Ok - so what did I do? Well – I managed to spend almost all Sunday in my room – which is also the guest room and the KNITTING ROOM. Of course I also knit in the living room, but all the supplies are in the knitting room. The closet harbors my own little "yarn shop". It was in so much disorder, since I haven’t done $#!+ in weeks, that I finally broke down and got to work. GOOD GIRL! But I had to take a break at some point and hubby and I watched "Matewan". Man, did I have a hard time understanding these Virginian coal miners. But it was a pretty good movie with Chris Cooper - he sure was still a baby face in that movie ;-)

At the end of Sunday, all yarn was sorted and stored. All UFOs (UnFinished Objects) are in one place, waiting to be finished some day... The only thing that is left on my "To Do" list is to organize my files. Lots of patterns need to be categorized. At least all my books and magazines are organized and recorded. And all the junk is gone from the floor – one can actually set a foot in the room and the dogs can move around again.

See - Noah has room to plunk down and watch me taking pictures of FOs... At one point on Sunday these poor little fur balls could not get in the room to stay with mommy – what a drag... But they are such good poochies and they know when it is time to stay away and don’t add to the mess by running all over the place ignoring the papers on the floor. Well – of course I got these looks – when can you throw the ball for me – you are no fun anymore... Don't you know it is your job as a doggie mommy to be our entertainer ALL THE TIME... How can you be such a busy bee with ANYTHING else?

I guess I'll tackle to rest of the "To Do" list this Sunday. Usually I allow myself to play around on Saturday, go to the SNB Gainesville knit-together and just relax and unwind from the week. Sundays - since I am not the religious type... - I make myself work around the house, although not always successfully ;-)

These guys at Quiz Galaxy are just too funny - speaking of religion - here is my tomb stone:

Take this quiz at

And now to the important things in life which according to this I've still got plenty of time for – KNITTING...

I finished the felted vest for my Dad – lordy-lord – NEVER again such a big piece for felting – oh no. I love my Dad dearly and it was worth all the trouble, but his next knit with be a "regular" knit again. Here is the beauty. I found in my stash a wonderful closure – very Bavarian looking:

It is on its way to Germany - I took it to the post office on Monday - his birthday is on March 15. It should get there in time, let's cross our fingers. Oh, better not, it is hard to knit then...

And here are the other FOs:

Jenny's birthday gifts - a felted case for her cell phone (but the cell phone is too long - so she uses it for her iPod) and a dishcloth with a J - sorry for the blury pix. No - was not drunk...

And NOW – to show you how crazy I am and that I am not kidding when I say I have several projects going at the same time – here are the current ones:

Julia’s baby blanket

My riding jacket

Pillow covers (to cover up two ugly pillows - this is the first one)

A plain black felted purse - it is now felted and I carry it around already and have gotten many compliments already ;-)

The March KAL (which is now finished – did that during my lunch break on Monday)

The Dreadlock Bag aka my project bag (I am working on a big black felted shoulder strap at the moment to replace the bamboo handles)

The footie socks (first one done - number two on the needles), and I finally got a grip on the lace pattern in the front. I had to frog the first sock 4 times... aggrrrr... but it was worth it - see?

Here is another felted bag in the works (it is finished now and ready for the washer) - yes, I know I should take more pix... So little time though...

And here is the first of the three summer sweaters - I love the Knit Picks cotton yarn - it is soooooooo very soft!

And if this is not enough for the moment - more soon...


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