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Friday, March 10, 2006

TGIF :-)))

Alrighty – today is Friday. Thank God this week is over – after a scary beginning with some bad news things seem to have eased up a little bit. I am looking forward to some relaxing knitting over the weekend – I think I will start a Cat Bordhi basket. I've got my eyes set on the fanny basket in her book “A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting”. I am not very keen on the colors she used – green and pink – that makes it really look like a little fanny. But I like the shape of the basket and I think it will be cool for carrying around knitting projects. In addition to the dreadlock bag, of course... One can never have too many felted bags. I guess I’ll use some of the Knit Picks yarn I still have – I have a big stash of purple and blue. That might look good.

Last night I took some more pictures – here is the black purse – now felted:

And here is the green Hobo Bag – with variegated Fun Fur. This bag is waiting for some hot water. I also want to make a matching cell phone case and maybe something for my keys. The bigger the bag – the longer it takes me to fish things out...

And here is the finished Shamrock Dishcloth – after taking its picture, it went to the kitchen sink and is being put to work, poor dishcloth… Well, somebody has to do the dirty work.

Alright – I have to get busy to prepare for my first sweater class. Four students on four Thursdays – the sessions are spread out through March and April. I want to make a little spiral binder with all the knitty gritty dirty work - the essentials for knitting a sweater, helpful hints, etc.

So – off to the creativity – spiral binder here I come – and weekend here I come. And here is a little quiz for you - these guys are too funny:


Gold Medal Winner in...


Fastest Zamboni clearing

'What rejected olympic sport would you win gold in?' at

In case you as stupid as me - who is Zamboni? Here you go: In 1949, Frank Zamboni designed a unit that allowed one person to do in 15 minutes what used to take a crew of people over an hour. The Zamboni ice-resurfacing machine was here to stay.


Anonymous Jenny Massey said...

WELL DONE! I like it! Hmmm - Maybe I'll make my own. You should add it under the Blogs link on our yahoo group!

5:06 PM GMT-5  

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