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Hi there - My name is Claudia. I live with my hubby and our two furry kids in Georgia, USA. Originally I am from Germany - southern belle from Bavaria replanted to the Southern US. I am very addicted to knitting - 4-5 projects going at the same time... What can I say...

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Sunday, April 09, 2006


One of my knitting friends made this expression up - I love it and it totally sums up what happened to me last Thursday. If you remember, I went to the Container Store and got me some nice clear vinyl hanging bags for my stash closet. And of course, I was too excited about my latest purchase and I couldn't wait until the weekend, so I started taking my closet apart when I got home around 9:30 Thursday night. And here is a detailed report of the events that followed...

These are the "before" photos:

Well - you can see why I wanted to change something... SO - I dragged everything out of the closet, all the boxes of yarn, all the plastic bags with U.F.O.s, etc. The room looked like a small explosion of yarn had taken place and I started to realize, OMG - how much yarn do I have?!... Thoughts that come to mind when you organize your stash for the nth time: 1. I don't remember buying this. 2. You really have a lot of yarn for a lot of projects (Mom said on the phone today: "Sounds like you own a yarn store." - IT IS NOT THAT BAD!!!). 3. You should not buy any more yarn any time soon. 4. Hey, I just saw a pattern for this yarn somewhere - where is that magazine? And so on....

After the closet was empty and restored more or less to a state of virginity, I assembled the hanging bags, one by one. And oh what joy, to sort the yarn and fill the first hanging bag. I was totally in a brown study - or maybe more a very colorful study - no, no drugs present for the colors, just a big heap of yarn...

Absorbed in fibers, I squatted in front of the closet and wanted to get some more yarn from the heap. And when I got up, my left knee made a horrific grinding/grumbling sound and that was it. I could not get up at all at first, pain shot through my left knee, no way of either bending or straightening the leg... Hubby came into the room from the living room to see what happened - he heard me groaning from out there. Thankfully, he didn't hear my German cursing under my breath... Now - I have to tell you that I already have had three surgeries in this left knee resulting from a skiing accident in my wild years. Well, growing up in a mountain village in the German Alps, you basically grow up on skis instead of in a stroller.

Ok - back to the groaning... Hubby helped me hobble into the living room and settled me on the sofa. I took some pain killers and we elevated and iced the knee. I hoped it would be better in the morning. Of course I could not finish the sorting job - this is how I left the room:

Friday morning came around - IT WAS NOT ANY BETTER...NO, IT WAS WORSE... So instead of going to work, hubby drove me to the doctor's office. After some x-rays and checking the mobility of the swollen knee, the doctor decided to refer me to an orthopedist. I got an appointment at 5pm the same day.

When the orthopedist looked at my knee, he gave me two options: Either he could do a fourth arthroscopic surgery right away and check out the problem from the inside or I could do physical therapy for a couple of weeks and then see how the knee is. This is the kind of approach I like. He had several possible diagnoses - it could either be a very bad sprain, a torn ligament, or a meniscus injury. So, my first appointment for physical therapy is tomorrow. He also gave me prescriptions for Naproxan and Darvocet. Hubby's comment - good stuff :-)

So, let's hope it is just a bad sprain and the phyiscal therapy will take care of the problem. If not, I will have another knee surgery - so cross your fingers and toes that this is not gonna happen... I'll keep you posted!

And here is a picture of my newest accessory - don't you like it when your leg looks like something from another planet and you can't really wear any of your regular clothes...

Jen offered to knit a more fashionable brace - I am sure that would look much nicer - when will it be ready???

BTW - my advice - Y'all be careful handling yarn - it can be dangerous ;-)

A BIG THANK YOU to all the friends and knitters for their wonderful emails. I love you, too! It is good to know that I'm surrounded by such nice people!

I have since been back in the room with the yarn explosion and did a little bit here and there, but if I stay on my leg for too long, it starts hurting - darnit... So, no "after" pictures yet - at least you got some "in between" pictures... It just kills me that the room is such a mess!!!

OK - Hubby just got back with Sushi - since the "Chef" is out-of-order at the moment. I have to brag about him some more. He is truly a jewel. He waited on me every day and does not get tired of fetching things, making coffee, warming leftovers, etc. He even looked for a lost dpn that somehow disappeared during my walk with a sock in progress from the living room to the bedroom. Yes, knitting in bed is nice, too. AND he offered to help put the stash away - but I did not want to burden him with sorting all that yarn. I truly feel like a pampered little princess. Of course, this does not mean that he is not nice when I am not injured ;-).


Blogger Mouse said...

::: hugs::: poor Claudia.. get better soon!

6:26 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Jane said...

Seeing you write "Crap in a Bucket" still makes me laugh, but I'm very, very sorry about your knee. I guess the good news is that while you are healing, you should get a good bit of knitting done. Maybe you can finish your sweater. Keep up the PT and we'll all send good wishes that it does the trick and you won't need more surgery. And your closet is going to look great when you get all that yarn in there (it's not so much, really.)

7:07 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Xia Diaz said...

I came across your blog and love the fact that you knit. I crochet and attempt to knit, so I'll be reading your blog often. I hope your knee feels better.

BTW: The closet looks great. I need to do the same.

7:49 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Hockey Mom said...

Aww gee whiz girl! I hope it gets to feeling better real soon.

Do everything that PT tells you, k? Love the crap in a bucket expression. Describes it all.

8:32 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Kathi D. said...

Your yarn closet is looking great! Bummer about the knee!!! I hope some therapy will fix it right up. See what happens when you do anything other than knit?


11:23 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Pixiepurls said...

mmmm sushi

9:31 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Pam said...

YowwZaaa - just from bashing the stash?! I'll keep mine in a mess. Hope you heal quick and enjoy the meds. Love the organized hanging bags and such...if ya see it, you'll use it! -Pam

10:13 PM GMT-5  

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