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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Man - my cold is driving me crazy...

I tried to ignore this awful cold now since last week. But finally it caught up with me... All the symptoms you can think of, and I am still trying to ignore it… I am not a good companion these days… Coming home from work, no cooking – poor hubby eats leftovers (but he is a good sport and doesn’t mind), falling asleep at 8pm while watching a movie… With knitting in my hands… Interesting what you knit while you are asleep. Or better, what you have to rip later... K.U.I. Knitting under the influence (of cough medicine)...

I finished my hat, scarf and fingerless mitten set over the weekend. The set turned out better then I expected. I bought the yarn back in Germany $1 per ball – they had 4 balls left. Typical me – buying yarn and not knowing what to do with it... But it is so soft and it was soooooo cheap. Anyway – I started with the scarf and realized I might have enough for a hat. I finished the hat and realized – hey, there is more yarn – let’s try if there is enough for the fingerless mittens. And I just added all the leftover yarn – yes, there was still more – on to the scarf.

And then, I have the following projects in the works:
A felted vest for my Dad for his birthday (deadline March 15) and it has to be finished a couple of weeks before that since I have to send it to Germany. The vest is knitted in one piece and right now I have 210 stitches on my needles… The pattern is from the book “Felted Knits” by Beverly Galeskas, on page 62-65. It is the biggest piece I have ever felted… SCARY…

I have started the very cute baby hat – Miss Dashwood (you can find the pattern at for a colleague’s little baby girl. She’ll turn one on February 10. So there is another deadline. I finished the brim and the booble border – need to change to dpns now.

Pillow cases for two ugly pillows on our couch are in the works – no. 1 has about 8 inches done. It is cable pattern to perk up the boring yarn.

And I started the riding jacket from the “Loop-D-Loop” book. I knitted the first 80 rows, also knitted in one piece to point where you separate the back and the fronts (is there a pattern of self-destructiveness – too many stitches…) I am stuck at the moment to figure out how to continue with the cable pattern on the front. And since this is something for myself, it moved to the bottom of my priority list.

Since I have nothing else to do (yeah right), I entered my project today in the Knitting Olympics: You can find it in VOGUEknitting - Issue Fall 2005 - No. 18 - Lace Shawl by Meg Swansen on page 80. I am using a lace yarn that I bought last year on eBay. I bought it from a store in Uruguay - they call it Handpainted & Kettle Dyed Pure Merino Wool Lace Yarn (color: purple). My challenge – guess what, little time and it is my first lace project.

I need to make this stupid cold go away, it is really bugging me – especially since I am hardly ever sick… I think some TLC and an early night might help. More soon…


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