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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Feeling better - today is "Knit Night"

Staying home yesterday actually made a difference. Hubby made a lot of tea and the dogs enjoyed snuggling with mommy on the futon. I slept through most of the day, but while I was awake, I got a bunch of knitting done on my Dad’s felted vest. I knitted about 80 rows (with 210 stitches…) so far. I feel better about getting it finished in time. I have 26 more rows to go until I have to divide the big piece into back and front.

Tonight is one of my Knit Nights at JoAnn's. So far I know of 10 women who are planning on knitting & chatting tonight. I will bring patterns for baby blankets, hats and scarves. Seems that most of them want to start something new tonight. It is always a lot of fun to meet every other week with previous students and knit enthusiasts.

I also finished the red scarves of the Red Scarf Orphan Project. I will drop off four scarves at Einstein’s this weekend. They turned out cute. I have to take picture before I give them away.

Yesterday was my sister-in-law’s birthday and she opened her birthday gift. This time I was in time with my gift – knitted socks. Not too late (like for Christmas…) She loved the colors and the pattern. I haven’t knitted socks in a while. They turned out OK.

For the Knit Night tonight I brought the baby hat as my project. My Dad’s vest is getting too big to drag around… Alrighty - back to work - more later.


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