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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Looks like Thursday is Blog Day...

Gee – 2 weeks passed by like nothing… What happened? I still have the cold – by now it turned into a horrible cough – I am not teaching any classes at the moment. The cough is worse when I talk, so I am a quiet little version of my usual self.

I finished my Dad’s vest – yippy!!! It looks pretty funny with the cotton borders. I will felt it tonight – SCARY! We’ll see what happens. I really should take before and after pictures. I really hope it felts OK. It was a lot of work…

I knitted and felted a purse on the fly for a friend. She liked it very much - her favorite color is pink (What else as a blonde?) so she got a pink purse:

I also finished the iPod sleeve for the BIG iPod (whatever they call it…). Stupid me: took no picture and off it went as a birthday gift. But I’ll make another one and publish the pattern. It looked very cute 'tho. I also finished the Mrs. Dashwood Baby hat. I am knitting a second one for my future niece (arrival expected around April 15, 2006). This time I am using a pink cotton yarn – summer in Germany. Even there you don’t need a wool hat. With the baby hat goes a very bright, very pink baby blanket. The future mom totally loves pink :-) But before I do all that – KNITTING OLYMPICS – tomorrow – Friday, Feb. 10, 2006 – 2pm EST cast on. Did my swatching aka training and I am ready, steady, go… I think I’ll take a late lunch at work, just for the heck of it and cast on – maybe I can even find a channel on TV that broadcasts the opening ceremony. How would I know… I don’t watch TV – except during lunch at work.

The SNB Northeast Georgia group is a real kick – lots of nice people signed up in the meantime and we had 3 knit-togethers so far. So much fun! We changed locations and found a great coffee shop – Coffee Shop of Horrors in Gainesville. Very nice service, great teas and coffees and freshly baked cookies, scones and cinnamon rolls – yummy.

So – I am still coughing :-( but I am hoping this will pass and I can back to my normal self without cough syrup and all kinds of other medication… Knitting Under the Influence is not a fun thing… More soon – hopefully… with pictures…


Blogger Nedra said...

I'd like to email you about working with dog hair; I have 2 great pyrenees dogs & 1 Aussie mix (short hair).

I can't find your email here, so please email me.

nedraewart at yahoo

10:36 AM GMT-5  

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