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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Dogs Have a Weird Mommy

Why? Because I tried to use our Border Collie as a sock model for a kid's sock. Poor Hermione. You can't see her face but she was utterly disgusted with me. ;-) How dare I...

I have a weird Mommy

Here is the sock again and No. 2 in progress. Don't want... second... sock... syndrome.

Kids socks

I also finished another B-day gift, my to-do list is getting shorter. Woo-hoo! Here is a picture of the English Felted Carpet Bag. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I made a few changes in the design. The recipient is not a very frou-frou woman. ;-)

Carpet Bag after felting

Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes
Color: Maple Syrup, Black Cherry Heather, Amber Heather and Forest Heather
Needles: US #15

I like the way the added I-Cord around the edges gives the bag a sturdy outline. Very neat. If I ever have time again, I'll make one for myself - probably in 2007. ;-)

I also started the Four Corner Hat. This pattern is very interesting - keeps me on my toes:

Four Corner Hat

Yarn: Julia from Nashua Handknits (25% alpaca, 25% mohair, 50% wool)
Color: Midnight Blue, Spring Green and Natural
Needles: US #6

The yarn is super-soft. I will do a matching scarf after I finish the hat. I also started sock no. 2 for the Log Cabin socks. Again, don't let me drop into SSS...

Log Cabin Sock No2

And I started another B-day gift. I just realized this must be the year of THE SOCK. (Is there such a thing in Chinese astrology for knitters?)... This one is for a baseball lover - of course, I gotta knit the Stitch 'N Pitch socks.

StitchnPitch Sox

Can you figure out what baseball team it is by looking at the color on the cuff? If so, you are good, really good...

And here are some things I recently bought. Just say the "S" word and I am there. VISA loves me. ;-) Here is a goody bag I got from the latest sale on WEBS:

WEBS purchase

Got some Noro Kureyon (Color No. 148), Rowan Chunky Print in Rhapsody, Knit One Crochet Too Angora Soft in Turquoise and Debbie Bliss Merino DK in Mulberry.

And while I stocked my stash at Knitpicks (as if I don't have enough yarn already) for the gift list, I just couldn't say NO to their Andean Silk Sampler. I will use some of it on the knitted gifts and probably knit a fairisle vest with the rest.

Knitpicks Andean Silk Sampler

And then at Jo-Ann last night, I found these shelves for some of my knitting stuff. Can you see the pile of paperwork in the top shelf? That is just knitting patterns and other crap that need filing. I need an assistant. I wonder if I could train Hermione? (Probably, but she'd still want to play ball!)

New shelves from Joann

And I got more knitted gifts done - here are the current statistics (total of 28 - I counted each sock and glove):
5 done
4 more in the works
23 to start and finish

WHEW - I need a drink and a shrink appointment to get my sanity checked... I guess it's a good thing that I'll be knitting with the "Stitching for Sanity" group tonight. :-)

Oh - before I forget again. Knitting is EVERYWHERE - you probably knew that already, right?... But I am haunted by knitting on TV. Hubby and I don't have cable or a dish, or even broadcast reception. When we turn the TV on, it's to watch DVDs from Netflix. So, when I am away from home, I give myself a dose of TV to remember how annoying it is. When Pixie and I spent the night at the hotel last weekend, I flipped through the channels and stumbled across an Addams Family episode. And guess what Morticia did? She knitted a sweater for some cousin. It was an interesting pattern - the sweater had three sleeves... Only with the Addams family...

And then... For my birthday, a colleague gave me Season 1 of Lost on DVD. Here is what happens in Episode 20:
The only doctor on the show works to save one of the main characters when the patient's lung collapses. The doctor acts fast, pours some alcohol on the guy's chest and uses a knitting needle to puncture the lung and temporarily remedy the situation.

So, I am sitting there flabbergasted. One knitting needle - where is the other one? Who is the knitter? Where is the yarn? All these unanswered questions, so typical on Lost. Then, I was trying to figure out what size needle it is by going through that scene frame by frame. There is your proof that I AM OBSESSED...


Blogger Mouse said...

I have been so completely distracted by a piece of knitwear in a movie that I have no idea what happened in the plot. I also got so disgustingly happy when I saw a person in a Dale of Norway Olympic sweater ( I don't remember which one though..) in a movie recently that I thought my husband was going to have me committed. As Yarn Harlot says.. at least we're obsessed with yarn and not something like.. cabbage!

8:24 PM GMT-5  

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