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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wee Knitting

I JUST LOVE IT - it goes fast and babies (and kids in general) just look so adorable in handknits.

Last week my brother told me that my niece's christening is on September 23. Typical bro - don't bother to tell me a little sooner... When my niece was born I knew I wanted to make her a bonnet and matching booties for her christening - but that was in April and then I forgot all about it and got busy with others things. But I also didn't know at the time if my bro and my s-i-l would appreciate the handknits. Well, yes, they said they would love to have the booties and the bonnet. So, Auntie whipped out the pointy stix last week for some turbo knitting. One of these days I have to learn how to knit while I am asleep...

So, my niece will wear a christening gown that my mom sewed for us (her babies) in 1967. I was the first one to wear it, then my cousin (who is just 3 months younger than me), then my sister and my brother. My nephew was the next one 9 years ago - and now my niece. I guess that's what you call an heirloom gown. It is gorgeous. I will post a picture after the christening - if I ever get one. Bro is kind of lazy about sending emails - you know how younger brothers are. ;-)

And this is the result of my turbo knitting from last weekend. I started with the first bootie last Wednesday, finished the bonnet Friday night at the SNB meeting, and the second bootie Sunday morning.

Julia Christening Outfit

Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby Yarn (100% Acrylic) in white
Needles: US #3

I added white ribbons (instead of I-cords) to make it look fancier for a christening. I sent the puffy envelope off to Germany yesterday - so hopefully it'll get there before the 23rd of September.

What else did I do over the weekend? I brought Twinkle Handknits Soft Chunky to a couple of knitting meetings and everybody oohed and ahhed over this yarn. It feels so soft - duh... it's called "soft chunky"... I bought two balls at Main Street Fibers - $18 apiece (yikes) - but I just had to have that yarn... And then I couldn't hold out any longer and I knitted a scarf with the two balls. I guess I also needed a little break from the gift knitting thing.

Soft Chunky Scarf

Yarn: Twinkle Handknits Soft Chunky - 100% Virgin Wool
Color: Rasberry
Needles: US #19

I found the pattern in one of my treasured Barbara Walker books. It's called Chevron and it is reversible. I like to find patterns for scarves that look the same on either side. I have to say that the scarf is pretty heavy (400 grams and only 160 yards... whew). I sure would not want to knit a sweater with it.

I also knitted a scarf with the handspun yarn Pixie gave me. Remember the Merino/Angora/Silk roving she bought at Plying the Arts from Gale's Art?

Short Scarf - Made from Pixie's Handspun Yarn

I bought that cool glass closure at Knitch.

And then Sunday afternoon "da goils" - as hubby sometimes calls me and our dog Hermione - went over to Pixie's house to spend some time knitting and playing with her puppers. Pixie's dogs are great and they were very welcoming to Hermione.

Pixie and The Puppers
Dogs from left to right: Willow, Hermione and Toby,
and Pixie (not a dog, of course ;-))

Toby, Claudia & Hermione
Toby, You-Know-Who, and Hermione

Willow and Hermione - Racing Willow and Hermione - Playing
Willow and Hermione in Pixie's backyard

Willow and Hermione Willow & Hermione Giving Kisses Willow and Hermione Hermione

Willow and Hermione became good friends - just like their mommies. ;-) Toby, the only boy, was very content when the girls left him alone and when they went bounding around in the backyard. It was a lot of fun to see Hermione begging Pixie for attention and Willow wanting me to give her some puppy lovin'.

I also started another project from the Xmas knitting list - yup, gotta get back to work. It is the Menorah Pillow from Handknit Holidays.

Menora Pillow

Yarn: Debbie Bliss wool/cotton (50% Merino wool/50% Cotton)
Color: Light grey
Needles: US #3

And I started another scarf for a Christmas gift. Remember that I booted the Campus Scarf off the list? Here is an easy replacement:

Another Scarf  - with MY from Muench Yarns

Yarn: Muench Yarns Big Baby (100% Microfiber acrylic)
Color: Varigated blues, reds, dark yellows, greens
Needle Size: US #13

I also finished another pair of socks - the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. I really liked knitting them. They knitted up fast - on size #6 needles. I double-stranded Patons Kroy sock yarn - and voila:

Finished Log Cabin Socks

Alright - that's enough blabbering for one Tuesday - Have a good week!

Noah and Mommy Hermione and Mommy
Yours truly & The Fiber Dogs


Anonymous Unni said...

WOW! So much wonderful knits in your blog! Adorable dogs too ;o)
Hug from Norway,
PS! Welcome to our Gnome-along :o)

4:03 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Ann said...

What a sweet post..I love the pics of the puppies getting to know each other! it's like a play date...knit'n play!

7:26 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Jane said...

Claudia, you are a knitting machine!! And it all looks fabulous.

11:01 PM GMT-5  

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