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Friday, September 08, 2006

Knitting on the Fly or - Better - Drive...

Thanks for standing by... ;-) Had to get the trip report out of the way first. ;-)

While we were in Tennessee, I finished the Stitch 'N Pitch socks:

Finished Stitch 'N Pitch

I also knitted some on my Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole:

Knitting in the car

I still have some ways to go. I am on ball no. 7 of 20. My dream goal is to have it finished for SAFF but I think that will remain a dream - I don't know... We'll see.

So, I don't know if I have told you before - I HATE TO DO DUPLICATE STITCH. If I can help it, I do fairisle. Every time I've tried to do duplicate stitches, they looked like @55... So, I changed the design for the Stitch 'N Pitch socks because I didn't want to embroider the baseballs. (Oh yeah, I also don't like to embroider knitting...) I think when you wear the socks, the baseballs are in the wrong places and they would wear out and the embroidery would rip. So anyways... Here is what I changed it to:

Red Sox front Red Sox back

Since I thought about this new design after I finished the socks, I couldn't do the "RED SOX" in fairisle. I had to do duplicate stitches, yuck... It took me all of last Sunday, partly because I made a mistake and hubby had to rip out an entire "RED". (He's my Designated Ripper.) I miscentered the word and I screwed up the height of one letter. That's what happens when you don't really like what you're doing. But - I have to say that I am very pleased. The socks turned out really nice and the burgundy yarn covered the natural very well. They should have reached their new owner in Vermont by now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!!

I also started a few new projects, and now I have a couple of issues (besides knitting too many things at the same time and trying to make too many Christmas gifts...)

Issue No. 1 - The Campus Scarf

campus scarf

What was I thinking when I picked the pattern? The colors change every 2 to 6 rows and because of that I would have to weave in a brazillion ends. I don't think so. So, I need a change of pattern here. The yarn is wonderful - I bought six different colors of Cascade Sierra (80% Pima Cotton / 20% Wool). Feels very nice. In addition, I realized that the recipient is not going to be happy with a scarf - thankfully I talked to his wife this week. But she told me he would love socks. So, OK, I have a pair of socks in the works. I'll just give the scarf to the original recipient of the socks and all is well in Santa Claudia's little knitting workshop.

Issue No. 2 - The Swing Thing

I bought 5 balls of Plymouth Oh My! - and let me tell you it feels like OH MY. I found this cute pattern at Magknits for Swing Thing. It is such an adorable cute little coat. So, I started knitting - as you can see...

Swing Thing from Magknits

And I realized that I won't have enough yarn - DANGIT, DANGIT, DANGIT... What to do? I bought all five balls the store had. I started searching online and found another LYS that sells Plymouth yarn. But when I drove by the other day they were unexpectedly closed. DANGIT, DANGIT, DANGIT... So, impatient me went back online and I found it for actually less than I paid for the first bunch. So, 6 more balls are on their way to set my mind at ease. ;-)

I am going SNB knitting twice this weekend - tonight to Why Knot Knit and tomorrow afternoon at The Bistro in Gainesville.

Keep on knitting! Have a great weekend!


Blogger Mouse said...

Cute socks! I'm not much for weaving in ends either.. that scarf would NOT be for me. I love your Lady Eleanor stole!

9:11 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Restless Knitter said...

Your Swing Thing is adorable! I like it better than the original.

9:50 PM GMT-5  

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