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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Let's Intarsia

It is Sunday morning, 5:44 am, and I am wide awake - the sun is not even out and I am so ready to do something. (Hubby calls that my perky-pill state.) So, I get up very quietly and manage to take the dogs with me out of the bedroom and let hubby sleep a little longer. We have very different internal clocks - hubby is a night owl and I am a morning person.

So, I went to my crafts room and thought - hmmm... I think I am ready for intarsia. What do I need? A copy of the chart, a marking pen, bobbins... And here is what I got done Sunday morning - before the first cup of coffee:

Let's Intarsia

Harry Potter Sweater front - Sunday morning

Looks a bit messy - doesn't it? But after a while I got into the groove of untangling the bobbins while knitting with them. I have to say tho' it takes a long time because you gotta read the chart, count your stitches, double-check (remember, I am a math dyslexic...), etc. So, I got 14 of the 61 rows of intarsia done and then I needed a break. This is how much I got done on Sunday:

Harry Potter Sweater front - Sunday evening

So, to get a quick knitting fix (and I promise I really didn't know it would go so fast), I started one of the Tipless Gloves with Cable from Holiday Knits. It took me about 4 hours to knit one of them. Even more fascinating is how much yarn I had left over from the ball. Can you see the tail coming off the thumb? That what I call calculated knitting. ;-)

Fingerless gloves from Holiday Knits

Yarn: Knitpicks Andean Treasure (100% Baby Alpaca)
Color: Lilac
Needles: US #2

Here is the glove on my hand:

Fingerless gloves

I have to say the Baby Alpaca feels super yummy. Since I ordered 4 balls for the one pair I planned for a Christmas gift, I guess I have enough yarn left over for a pair for yours truly.

Let's see - what does the Xmas list look like? Here is the latest update:
11 done
4 more in the works
13 more to start and finish

Not bad, huh?

And I knitted a cozy case with a chunky cable for my cell phone with the handspun yarn from Pixie. Lookie here:

Cell Phone case - Pixie's handspun yarn Cow button

I added a fun cow button that I found a while back at KNITCH.

And while I was knitting on Sunday on our porch, the puppers hung out with mommy. They had a good time because I played ball with them. Of course, Hermione would not give Noah the ball - all the toys are her toys. She actually dropped it in the water bowl while she drank so he wouldn't get it. Little bitch! In her world Noah does not exist unless it serves her purposes. ;-) Poor little fella... I am making up for her lack of attention...Which she hates - payback is bad baby! ;-)

Hermione and her treasured ball Noah - having a drink


Blogger Courtney said...

Holy Cow Jumping Over the Moon--you did all that in one day?! Wow. Maybe I should try getting up before 8:30 sometime. As gorgeous as prolific!

1:01 PM GMT-5  

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