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Monday, August 21, 2006

Already Ready for Halloween ;-)

I was a good girl and finished the Hallowig this weekend - it took me about 6 hours. I figured since I started a KAL for the wig, I should also post that I made one. ;-)

So, there...

Hallowig - from the side

And I finished the Ruffle Scarf from Holiday Knits:

Ruffle Scarf from Holiday Knits

It turned out real pretty and the Knitpicks Shine makes it very soft.

And during lunch today I finished the second sock of the kid's socks. No pic yet - sorry, don't have the camera at work.

So, here is another update on the Xmas list statistics (total of 28 - counted each sock and glove):
9 done
2 more in the works
17 more to start and finish

Hubby had to tell me I'm 1/3 done. I am so terrible at math. That's why I have a calculator with my knitting tools...

WHEW - so, I am getting there. I got the new issue of VERENA (German knitting magazine) and I am drooling over a bunch of nice tops and sweaters... Mom already told me that I need to pick one for my Christmas gift. YAY!

Y'all have a great week - more later!


Blogger Jane said...

Ok, I'm going to have to give in and make one of those wigs this year. Will fingering weight yarn work or do I need something thicker?

2:49 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Mouse said...

hee hee! Very cute. Its a good look for you!

12:38 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Allison said...

You are stylin' there! I can't believe how fast you knit - are you sure you don't do it in your sleep? ;)

9:31 PM GMT-5  

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